Turning Demons into Allies

Demonize: “To render demonical or diabolical”
Demonical: Def 3: “Influenced by an evil spirit”
Diabolical: “Devilish; partaking of the qualities of the devil; impious; atrocious”

If a person knows something that another, sometimes simply a thief,  does not wish known they will find themselves being called names and associated with unpopular and unpleasant imagery. This makes the person perceived to be unsuitable, by association, for such a fine person as yourself to even think about listening to!

Done to keep you from learning a truth that the person who is being depopularized has previously learned, and often learned at considerable personal expense both monetary and otherwise.

The man writing these words you are reading has been called, literally, dozens of names from “anti-religious bigot” and “copyright terrorist” to “anti-semite” and “holocaust denier” and has had separate unannounced visits from the US Postal Inspectors and the FBI Anti-Terror unit of Washington DC in response to false allegations sent to them by Scientology.

Recently, the media claimed that after President Trump was inaugurated, they removed the bust of Martin Luther King from with White House. Of course this was a complete fabrication. LINK


Back in 1994 before the lawsuit, in order to demonize me for meeting with Willis Carto of The Liberty Lobby, whose newspaper The Spotlight was the only newsprint paper critical of Israel, who broke the story of the attack on the USS Liberty, and were critical of the Federal Reserve – and this was before the web took off.

Scientology induced a Washington post writer to claim that Mr Carto had 4 busts of Hitler in his office. Having actually been in his office, all I saw was a picture of Thomas Jefferson, with a placard that said “America’s First Populist”

In 1995, at 9:30 on one saturday morning, was raided under color-of-law under the authority of the Eastern Federal Judicial District of Virginia, after a Federal Judge was fooled by the use of implication into believing their FRAUDs to be true.


The Washington Post did an article LINK and then the Washington Post was sued also. To settle this case and a couple other cases, I was offered a 50 page settlement that included lies for me to sign and agree to a $50,000 penalty if I did an interview or wrote a page like the one you are reading now. I also had to state that I believed scientology to be a religion, which would make me a co-conspirator in their elaborate fraud. In exchange for my soul they would give three of us 9-12 million 1995 US Dollars to fight over, in cash.

We slept on it, and decided unanimously that we believed the value of the human soul was worth far more than what scientology offered… and then life got even stranger. In hindsight I feel lucky to still be alive at all. So please pay attention and try to learn this lesson because demonization, or character assassination, is the public execution in this age of information warfare.

See this Quora Answer regarding harassment for a long but incomplete list of some of the things I have had to endure in order to continue to tell you the truth.

This missive is my effort to rise from the dead.

For decades there were subjects that I did not want to think about, but, during deconstruction of the methods of deception used by the fraud called scientology I learned several lessons. ONE of these was about demonization – having been demonized for literally decades by agents of and by scientology.

The ultimate form of achieving silence is to just kill the person so they stop speaking. This is truth control by assassination, however, even assassination can be turned to your advantage and to the advantage of the dead victim.

I read an article about the murder of a Professor of Religion of and at The University of Chicago.  Thinking, what on earth might motivate the assassination of a professor of religon?,  Wanting this answer, I sought out the man’s books, and read two of them, one about the Italian, Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake in 1600 by the Vatican for telling the truth, and the other, called “Out of this World” exposed key secrets of several well known belief systems. Professor Culianu had done to the major belief systems the same thing that I did to scientology in 1995! and his book included is a brutally honest disclosure of the core secrets of the Kabbalah…  Both books are a must read for those of you who are already thinking..  What Professor Culianu documented might just change this world but only if you learn it and encourage others to do so, as I am trying to do now.

So when you hear of some writer or publisher who was bumped off… use this as clue that there just might be some valuable information there to learn. You might both give this man’s life meaning by learning what was hoped to be concealed.. sort of a Streisand effect for assassinations…and free your own mind from previously induced delusion…

And no it is not easy, but should you master this, you will have begun to master your own mind.


Somewhat less terminal than outright murders, is Demonization,  which is the equivalent of assassination in the dis-information age. You take the person and surround them with unpleasant people, always arguing in the vicinity of the target. This associates that person with  unpleasantness.

Then, perhaps, show him as kitchen help. Scientology actually did this to a picture of me taken while walking on the Connecticut Avenue, after finally succeeding in getting me angry so I yelled back at them for their repeated lies. I was peacefully picketing one of their brainwashing facilities in DC. They  then photoshopped the street scene out and placed me in a kitchen…

Another time a stranger asked if I had an extra picket sign and I did as I sometimes do, and I handed this man a sign. As I did cameras clicked and I was now an associate with some well known political loony…who may have made a good living building a disreputable reputation and then showing up as people’s pals who needed to be depopularized.

Whisper horrible stories about how greedy and droolingly insane this person is, and that he kicks his dog before beating his wife while porno is playing on the widescreen TV.   Or use the “holocaust denier” and “anti-semite” slogans. These are particularly good at stopping thought through reminders of horror, which is, incidentally the same way that 911 gained its power, because when thinking stops for whatever reason, the door to your subconscious is left unguarded.

Going to scientology’s own publications to see who it was that they demonized… and then reading what those people had to say, has turned, Aikido style, their own suggestions into a teaching aid, turning the purpose of their effort inside out. (note1) This method works with all corrupt structures in society not just with money making covert hypnotic pseudo-religious scams...

So if you feel revulsion at reading what an accused “kook” “worm” “slime” or even a “holocaust denier” or “anti-semite” says, and refuse to even look, you have fallen into this mind control briar patch just as those that paid to create it intended. This is a place where thinking and learning stops.

If this feels difficult, it is, and it is because your conscious mind is pushing against the unconscious suggestions and mental conditionings(note2) of the past, that have been done by masters of manipulation,  using the same METHODS that Dr Robert Oppenhiemer warned us about. (It was shortly after this that his ‘patriotism’ began to be questioned)

Next actually read and digest the brilliant research done by an alleged “anti-semite”, a man named Michael Hoffman II. Read his book “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare” which happens to describe Scientology by name. This blew me away, and most everything around me looked new, fresh and alive…  Seems truth wipes away ugly delusions.

So vow to turn each and every instance that you encounter demonization into a big green flag that says READ ME and truth will flourish.

Without truth all is delusion.

Arnie Lerma



Jeffrey Levine  wrote:
I am reading ARROWS IN THE DARK by Merrell Vannier. It is about his experiences as a GO Operative. Incredible read!!!! 5 Stars!Arnie Lerma replied: yes… note the extent of effort used by David Miscavige to make one person believe they had an opportunity to achieve their dreams – when all of it was choregraphed at great expense to get them out of the picture…(Referring to the incident about the horse farm in New Zealand – it was known in personal folders from scientology’s data files that the person that Hubbard had appointed previously for life to be the head of CST in Scientology had a dream about running a horse farm in New Zealand… wouldn’t you know, a man who ran one then offered her an opportunity  to run it! She took the man up on his offer, thereby abandoning the position at CST, which allowed DM to take it over completely)OSAs-handle-HBO-plan-revealed

This is a pattern of conduct makes other events that are often dismissed by the crowd (The crowd of politically correct acceptable truthers) as nutball conspiracy theories into “just another normal day” for the scientology war.

(NOTE Phrase “One this dime”, this was phrase used to deny Ex-scientologist Lawrence Wollersheim’s payment from scientology for “intentional infliction of emotional duress”. The scientologists would chant “Not one thin dime for Wollershiem” )

That one couple of pages is the most valuable information in the book… teaching the extent of deceptive practices being used to manipulate the perceptions of the expose scientology activist movement…
I read it after the book was mentioned by Graham Berry on FB and an osa operative posted “Hell will bloody well freeze over before I ever read a book by a holocaust denier!!”
I knew then that there was something THERE that had to be concealed…so I read it and then told others to read it… after it described an elaborate and expensive operation concerning a horse farm in New Zealand,  the dream  a girl who had been appointed as the director for LIFE by L Ron Hubbard of CST, the corporation that owns all the copyrights in scientology.

Miscavige arranged to have a man offer this girl the job, her dream come true, oif managing a horse farm in New Zealand.  She left to pursue her dream, thinking how lucky she was. When in fact, it was all contrived bait, so that David Miscavige could take complete corporate control of Scientology.

Do you see now why the author was demonized as a “holocaust denier”?   So that no one would read the book and let people know how Miscavige took control and so that people would not know how far scientology would actually go to get whatever David Miscavige wants. Another notable observation by Mr. Merril Vannier is that Scientology never wins in litigation when the opposing party introduces evidence from the 1977 FBI Raids.

PS: And I was applying my own recommendations re turning demons into allies: https://arnielerma.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/turning-demons-into-allies/

I guess I should put this on that page as an additional case history..


  Dr. Che Guevarra  M.D. – was demonized in the 60’s as a ‘communist’, by the US CIA. He opposed the exploitation of South America by the US military Industrial Complex, who would buy the leadership they needed to steal the assets of those countries.

In fact, Che never joined the Communist Party,  and was openly critical of the government of the USSR, as well as the USA. Read the snarky comments on his youtube video, and note their ‘look and feel’ and thought stopping style…  NOTE the extent of demonization of this extraordinary man of conscience on the youtube comments.

He must have known and tried to teach by word and living example – a certain lesson that terrifies those that think ‘own’ us, to still be demonized 50 years after he was first demonized as a communist. If you take the effort to learn this lesson, you will honor his legacy, and his spirit will live on.

Sidebar: The term “dingbat” is short for “dignity battalion” – military special ops created in various South American countries whose leadership was purchased,  brainwashed and programmed at the  US “School of the Americas” at Ft Benning. These thugs would beat up journalists, union leaders, and elected officials, etc, anyone with ‘populist’, ‘we the people’ ideas, and if that did not work, then they would disappear. They called themselves “Dignity Battalions” and  their nickname became”dingbat.”  They were a controlled extension of the US Military Industrial Petro-dollar complex…

Notes: – Inside out, in the same manner as Hubbard turned Dr William Sargant’s thesis, which he later published as “Battle for the Mind”, inside out and then into Dianetics,  a legalized form of highway robbery, written off as ‘belief’ in the Going Clear book and movie.

Note2: “Everything said to a hypnotized subject is true for them”. George Estabrooks 1943 also see Conditioned Reflex Therapy by Salter and The Biggest Secret of Dianetics





Combine the thinking-stopping power of intense emotional content and Authority suggestion ( with the “Reverse Blockade”

“Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person’s mind from perceiving the truth. In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts searching for meaning in the “golden mean” between truth and its opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent of the person who subjects them to this method. ” age 104, Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski:

When ANYTHING stops your thinking whatever is said immediately afterwards goes directly into your subconscious as “truth”.

PERSPECTIVE: The last time the public successfully interfered with the cash flow of the military industrial complex was Vietnam. It is not an accident that no war has been stopped or prevented by the American public since then.

There has been a covert full spectrum war against thinking.(Note1)

Drugs were used to destroy the minds of the opposition.


“John Ehrlichman, who served as domestic policy chief for President Richard Nixon when the administration declared its war on drugs in 1971. According to Baum, Ehrlichman said in 1994 that the drug war was a ploy to undermine Nixon’s political opposition — meaning, black people and critics of the Vietnam War:”


Public education has been dumbed down. Kids are being taught just enough to run the machines but not enough to reason or think.

Cults were created and encouraged. Cults tend to attract  and trap those who see through the first layers of the onion of deception called the American Dream and their minds are filled with rubbish,  then turned to mush.

American Universities also tend to fill their minds with rubbish.

Opposition leaders have been attacked,  depopularized, or killed. From JFK and Martin Luther King down to attacking the parental authority of the family unit.  The only authority will be the state, that is… big brother.

Terrorists are and have been created using the same techniques for controlling what a person believes to be true, methods that were perfected in cults. The purpose is to create a public tolerance for a massive security apparatus  to protect the one tenth of one percent who own the war for profit money-for-misery-machine, after the coming and inevitable petro-dollar financial collapseMORE re Myth of Islamic Terrorism

Example: Here is ONE method of covert suggestion being used to control what you believe to be true. Any (shock, awe, horror, insult, epithet ) that temporarily STOPS your thinking, makes YOU, briefly, a bit more suggestible.  What is said to you just after the instant thinking stops goes in to your mind as a direct hypnotic suggestion.

When thinking stops, the door to your subconscious is left unguarded.

“Contrary to general belief, it has been my experience that the more intelligent the subject, the easier it is to induce hypnosis” Ralph Slater 1950.

“From 80 to 90% of the population can be hypnotized to varying degrees…At least 5% (10,000,000) of the U.S. population is extraordinarily hypnotizable, so easily hypnotizable that they are in a constant state of exaggerated suggestibility, even when awake and going about their normal daily routine. They are at the total mercy of all forms of influences and can easily be persuaded to do things and afterwords have no idea why they did them…” Dr. Tobias H. Brocher, Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS.

“Anything said to a hypnotized subject is true for them” said Dr. George Estabrooks, the father of covert military hypnosis in 1943 More here arnielerma.wordpress.com

Hypnotic suggestions wear off after a few weeks, unless there is repetitive re-enforcement – subliminal reminders such as key words, images, flags, sounds or logos.
^^^^ THIS ^^^^ is why the  date chosen was September 11th, because of the number 911.
Because 911 is also the emergency number, we hear this number often, think of it, and when looking at the keypad of cell phone, the subconscious can see it*…  The repetition of the number 911 in words, text, voice, image or memory:

serves as the trigger for the original thought-stopping induced trance!

Dr. Estabrooks, the father of weaponized covert hypnosis for OSS, revealed that such methods will continue to be effective only until the targets became familiar with the methods being used upon them. This blog is my effort to do this, and I sincerely wish someone with more influence and better words would do a better job of making these methods known to the public.

If man knew a few of these methods, then they would regain  ability to determine what the truth actually is, which could end all wars…

Without truth, all is delusion.

Arnie Lerma
Secrets are the mortar binding lies like bricks together into prisons for the mind

“War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015

Other METHODS discussed in this blog:

TOTALIA – from Rape of the Mind by Dr Joost Meerloo

Dr. Robert Oppenhiemer’s Warning about these methods
Dr. Werner Von Braun’s death bed warning

Note: This writer was tear gassed on the steps of the Pentagon in 1969, protesting that war.

END NOTE, written in 1996:

Slave chains forged of lies
are stronger than fine steel

And those enslaved see
neither shackle or lock.

The mission must be,
in order to set them free:

show them how their
chains were made
where lies hid the key..

Arnie Lerma

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Secrets of the Scientology E-Meter

Secrets are the mortar,
binding lies like bricks together,
into prisons for the mind

Scientology E-meter

animated e-meter image (c) ethercat


In 1971 I was in Scientology, working for them in Los Angeles. Because of my technical background and that I had been a bench technician and service manager for Myer-Emco HiFi on Connecticut Avenue NW in Washington DC, the #1 hi-fi store in DC, I was asked to goto the company that produced Scientology’s E-meters, named Delta Meter Service run by Tom and Jaye Paige I think Tory Christman was a receptionist there. (pardon spellings).

My mission was to determine why the devices, E-meters, were not getting produced, and get the backlog of several hundred filled.

In the course of this I was shown some confidential “Board Technical Bulletins” “BTBs” issued by the corporate shell of Scientology in California.

Each one had C O N F I D E N T I A L across the top… I felt a little like James Bond…

The documents were taken out of a safe, that was under a workbench at the South end of the main E-Meter assembly room, at Delta Meter. on the corner at Beacon Street, PAC WUS was at 811 Beacon, and Celebrity Center was on the next cross street.(1) The BTB’s described the unusual specifications for the E-meter movement, which included how many times it was to swing back and forth once being turned on, to when the needle stopped moving. There was a time limit and number of swings. This specification is most unusual.

Author with E_Meter's from the production run at Delta

Author with E_Meter’s from the production run at Delta

An electrical guy wants a meter to measure a current. He wants the moving indicator to move to the proper value and not overshoot, and not waste his  time waiting for it to stop swinging…so he can read the value it indicates.

Those were type of meters that Volney Mathison used in his meters.


As a child I used to fall asleep reading through the Lafayette Radio catalogue.. and dreamed of one day having a short wave radio. I had built a full-wave crystal radio and liked making sparks and arcs, and spent considerable time mesmerized by plasma arcs, using wall line voltage and a toaster as my ballast with carbon electrodes to strike the arc taken from the center pole of a D cell battery…I liked reading Popular Science and Radio TV Magazine, and built many of their projects. This was how I had ‘fun’ if I wasn’t riding my bike in Montrose Park in Georgetown across the street.

Then I saw this advertisement:


I was perhaps 12 at the time, and I saving my paper route money delivering Daily News in my neighborhood in Georgetown, to purchase a “Become a Radio Television Technician At Home” course. It was called the Progressive Radio Edu-kit, Edu-kit. After leaving scientology I started a an electronics business on my own, took a dozen or so college electronics courses, and decades later ended up doing electronics for some hi-tech hi-end clients like IDA, The Institute for Defense Analysis, Lynda Carter, Wonderwoman, and the Crown Prince of Iran’s mansion in Great Falls.. .

At the time, when I read these secret scientology documents, I did not know one twentieth of what I know now.

I do recall wondering to myself “Wow, what an odd specification for a meter needle movement..”


Four decades later, just a few weeks ago, something occurred to me, something I did not know enough about to even consider possible nor know enough to consider that possibility to be of any significance:

The E-Meter movement electrically is a normal moving-coil design, with a standard 100 micro amp full scale meter movement that used a taut band suspension, which is like a torsion bar suspension on an car.

The E-meter movement’s design specs call for a rather loose needle, with less than normal damping. The documents I viewed specified that when you turn it on with 90 uA the needle will move past the 90 uAmp position (Scientology calls this the “Set” position) and it will swing back and forth a certain number of times, settling upon the true reading within a certain amount of time in seconds.

The number of swings was 4 to 7,  I believe. And it had to settle in 1, or 2 seconds. This is an enormous amount of time,  for a device  used to measure specific amounts of electrical current, compared to normal “volt-meters” or “amp-meters” or any thing with a moving needle that is moving to position where its value is determined.

If I purchased a meter for measuring current that worked this way I would send it back because it would make wait too long to see where the needle came to rest, to take my measurement.


I apologize to any fans I have left that understand what the hell I’m talking about, that it took me forty five years for me to connect these dots.

So, what this means is the E-Meter movement has a resonance frequency, which if stimulated, might make the needle appear to do something that Scientology’s technicians practice for many hours becoming adept at recognizing, something called the “Floating Needle”.

If that floating effect were created when a low enough brainwave frequency was applied to the resistance measurement function that is the wheatstone electrical bridge circuit that is basically an E-meter, then the Scientology E-meter might actually be a sophisticated detector of the hypnotic, suggestible, trance state. MORE on Hypnosis methods in Scientology HERE HERE and HERE

Section of brainwave chart from THIS site for more information.

The needle would start to “Float” if exposed to a low frequency AC signal, at
near the resonance frequency of the needle itself on the spring of the taught band, and with the minimal magnetic damping at the resonance frequency for the needle…

That just happens to be the brainwave frequency associated with HYPNOSIS and the frquency necessary for this particular design of meter movement to appear to “FLOAT”.

“Hypnotic states are associated with increased theta wave activity. Hypnotically susceptible participants also exhibit hemispheric beta wave asymmetry, but non-susceptible participants do not (Sabourin, Cutcomb, Crawford and Pribram, 1990).”

Reference: Sabourin, M. E., Cutcomb, S. D., Crawford, H. J., & Pribram, K. (1990). EEG correlates of hypnotic susceptibility and hypnotic trance: Spectral analysis and coherence. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 10(2), 125-142.

From playing with a “HAL-200” brain wave analyzer hooked to my hands with tin cans, I learned that brainwave frequencies were displayed on the device. Google Steve Ciarcia’s Circuit Cellar HAL 200 EEG.  Below, this is my 9 channel brainwave analyzer that I built.


When I used the analyzer above, I only used one channel and I used E-meter style soup cans, held in  each hand. What I found was that the predominant brain wave entrainment was creating a detectable signal when hands were used as the only input! This proves that the predominant brainwave frequencies exist, and are measurable at the hands…

I spent great deal of time playing with this, and used it as a bio-feedback device to train my mind to find answers to a question. The pattern I noted will be covered in a another blog posting as I learned a great deal. But at the end of each inward seeking effort, the answer, or what appeared be the answer, was accompanied by small frequency peak in one band of the upper part of the 2 to 20 Hz spectrum displayed, which would descend in frequency while growing in amplitude until it became huge, driving the display off scale at approximately 4-7 hz.. which also just happens to be is deep trance! Called “Theta Wave” frequency see chart above image of the HAL-4.

In other words the absolutely unique specifications for the E-meter movement itself, turns a wheatstone bridge into a TRANCE DETECTOR.. and this can be demonstrated in a court of law.

F/N = trance has been established* (Note4)

Which leaves me thinking.. where in hell would I find someone that knew how to do this, in the 1950’s?  Volney Matheson, the designer of the first E-meter, who worked with Hubbard for a while before calling him out as a maniplating, conniving charlatan and con-man did not know this. Volney used Simpson meters, which have damping.

These are dots that took me 45 years to connect.. L Ron Hubbard did not figure this out, THAT is for certain…. Boy, I sure would like to meet the man that thought this up. Wow…

Cut to the “End Phenomena” of a Scientology “Auditing Session”:

The guys needle is “FLOATING”, the “Auditor” checks to see if he seems happy, now that trance is detected they end off if he is smiling… then get someone else to make sure that the trance is deep and stable enough, they call this clown “The Examiner who checks the guy is still in the trance, deep enough in light trance, a more suggestible state, to get to the registrar’s interrogation chair, where he is asked for money by a person who has studied and practiced “Les Dane’s, Big League Sales and Closing Techniques”. He is told to write a check to get money out of his bank, his reactive mind, oops I mean his BANK, and he already walked in the door convinced he needed to get rid of both!*

*Dianetics convinces people using various means of covert hypnosis to cause you to believe that you have an evil “reactive mind” and they you have to get rid of this evil, any any cost, and that Hubbard’s “technology” can do this…he also calls the reactive mind by the term your “bank”, and you have to get rid of that too, which makes emptying your bank account far easier!!

Any questions?

Thank you for reading
Arnie Lerma

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PS: The reason there was a meter backlog to begin with was that the old meter man at Murcom that built Delta’s meter movement did his best to make our meter ‘better’… once I got it across to him that we did not want a ‘better’ meter, he made us hundreds of sloppy ones, and the E-Meter scarcity was solved!

PART2: Some Endorphins are stimulated by E-Meter use, (Morphine binds to same receptors as endorphins) so there is a morphine equivalent dose for exposure to the E-meter, it is likely subclinical, however there is no doubt, the science is there, that there is a time dependent morphine equivalent dose associated with use of the $cientology E-meter (blog coming soon) OLD page on this HERE

PART3: Because psychopaths have no stress response to wrongdoing, they can sail through “Security” tests that use either the Scientology E-meter or the Lie-detector. Their use therefore is useless for security, unless, what you are actually using them for is to find and utilize those same psychopaths, who will follow any direct order for which they will gain… without being troubled by having the conscience (and stress response) of a normal man to wrongdoing.

(1) These were the blue faced “Delta” meters around serial number 3100…that had meter movements produced by a meter movement manufacturer called Murcom who had a small factory on the south side of Rosecrans Blvd.

(2) Another Brainwave chart from this site LINK brainwave2

(3) L.E. Young’s Lessons in Hypnotism (c) 1899 LINK

(4) I preformed a simple experiment and using a frequency generator and an actual Delta era E-meter movement, I drove the emeter with an ac signal, with enough DC offset to hold the needle at midrange. The output of my laboratory frequency generator only went down to 8 Hz, however the amplitude was constant. What I noted was the lower I went the wider the needle started wagging, and dang if at 8 hz it did not resemble a floating needle. If I could have gone down to 4 or even 7 Hz I bet it would have looked “perfect”. I need to get a frequency divider and run this again.

From Blacks Law Dictionary:

Fraud: An intentional perversion of the truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing or to surrender a legal right; a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words ot conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal inquiry; anything calculated to deceive, whether by a single act or combination, or by suppression of truth, or suggestion of what is false, whether it be by direct falsehood or innuendo, by speech or silence, word of mouth, or look or gesture; fraud comprises all acts, omissions, and concealments involving a branch of legal or equitable duty and resulting in damage to another.


The Secret of Repetition – why and where it gets its power…

Man evolved during most of his evolution living in a tribal setting. Everything you see is part of nature, a forest of trees – but no two trees are identical, a rocky canyon but no two rocks are identical. There are no flat surfaces, everything has curves. Most everything is different….except perhaps the sun, moon and stars…

It appears there is some fundamental truth about the repeated appearance of any object, thing, person, or idea that has some kind of magical power over others. So fundamental that was hidden in plain sight.

“What I say three times is true” Lewis Carroll 1874

A propagandist or operator running an elaborate fraud will choreograph additional voices, additional impressions, to chime in agreement when making false claims. These could be innocents who were merely fooled by the same deceptive techniques and given false information demonizing the target so the dupe could be led to believe that the target deserves it.

Typically, these manipulators will ask a small favor of slight risk to the person, then later ask for more. There is never enough. Until the good hearted person is finally hopelessly ensnared in a web of deceits that are impossible to confront without extreme degrees of personal courage. Evil always wants more. This condition is pathological. As I believe this world contains plenty to satisfy every mortal need, but it is impossible to satisfy greed..

A favorite reason of the psychopath when asked WHY they did it is:


Sociopaths will surround themselves with people they can manipulate. Having no qualms about finding out what a person thinks is important and while making the person feel important they use them as pawns. They tend to hate those they can’t fool, as Hubbard did.. and there is nothing to compare to the rage of a psychopath who has been found out. In larger conspiracies where more money is involved agents will be hired. One ex-OSA employee told me the going rate for internet posters is $800 a week (2015). In a newspaper article in The UK it was reported that 1500 “Facebook warriors” were recruited by the 77th Regiment. Winter 2014/2015), considering the secret agreements that link UK, the US and Australia and New Zealand intelligence communities together the total number may be an order of magnitude more. (Cite: The Puzzle Palace 1982)

Because psychologist and hypnotist George Estabrooks stated that the power to manipulate what people believe to be true would only be lost when those people become familiar with the techniques being used upon them, what we need to ask is what is the method behind the power of repetition?

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Goebbels

Familiar surroundings bring a sense of comfort and security instantly to mind.

The familiar face of a pet, or a child, or even neighbor, seen every day for years, becomes more and more attractive as the years go by or that old truck you don’t want to part with.

The Source of the Power of Repetition

When a baby is born, they transition from a dark warm and relatively quiet and motionless environment to a bright noisy hectic world where things move, and for perhaps the first time ever shortly after the umbilical cord is cut after birth, experience hunger. The young growing mind finds itself in this amazing bright moving world and experiences something it has never known before, called hunger.

With all these things moving around them, there is one thing that is seen repeatedly… and that repeated first thing they see, is their mother’s face, smiling sweetly, who feeds them, holds them, warms them, loves them, and gives them a sense of security while whispering to the young mind in gentle tones that all will be well, just drift off to sleep so mommy can sleep just a little while before dawn….

The first repetitive image that the young mind sees during this period of extraordinary and rapid physical development of that mind, is mother’s face. The point I’m getting to that I hope stuns you to the same degree it has affected me is that any repetition of any kind is associated, in the hard wiring of our brains, with warmth, love, food and security! The very structure of your mind is wired to make this association. Hard wired to consider anything we see often as a good thing, the more often we see it, the better that thing or person seems to be. This effect explains celebrity stardom in simple terms of how many times have we seen that person’s face!

This, my friends is the biggest secret of all and is what makes the advertising, propaganda, mind control and cult worlds work.

This is how the trick called REPETITION works, and where it get’s its power.

It is from the power of mother’s face!

Sidebar: I found one psychology student who recognized this method. She said at the end of the school year her very old professor came in and told them he was going to lecture about something that is not in the textbooks which is no longer taught in psychology classes…and she said that he described this same idea….

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” — George Orwell, 1984

“Only in scientology are people expected to be perfect” Ida Maye Camburn

previous text removed by request of the author

“Only in scientology are people expected to be perfect” Ida Maye Camburn, who lost her son to Scientology, and used the nickname “Wasmom” on IRC relay chat. LINK

Ms. Ida Camburn 1941

Ms. Ida Camburn 1941

“Only in scientology are people expected to be perfect” said Ms. Ida Maye Camburn, who lost her son to Scientology, and used the nickname “Wasmom” on IRC relay chat for over a decade.

During WWII she was working in an aircraft factory as a riveter on aircraft wings. They gave all the employees IQ tests, one day while she was working she got a note on the factory floor, “the president wants to see you in his office” “OH MY” she thought, “I have been fired”

He told her they had never encountered someone with such a high test result, and offered to send her to college,

She said, Mr ..(whateverhisname was), I am just a housewife and take care of my husband, I think you have made a mistake. She declined his offer.

In third grade, I did not like my teacher yelling at me and the students, my mother, who graduated first in her class as Exeter High School went to the office, then they gave me a battery of tests.

after the tests the results scared them so badly, that they told me I did not have to listen to the teacher, and I could do anything I wanted for the rest of third grade (it was nearing spring time in Georgetown), I told them I wanted to build a windmill. They gave me an erector set. I watched the loaders move dirt around and build the brick circle in beautiful Montrose Park… and the flowers bud and bloom.. of course, nearly every other kid in that third grade class hated me, because I made them feel small….

and nothing has changed in 50 years…

Then they set me to a school for geniuses, called Oyster School, on Calvert street. Now I had to take a bus to school..or walk several miles…Jackson was at the end of the block I lived on, lined by Gingko trees(note). Where we learned binary number sets in 4th grade…to prepare us for the coming computer revolution.. So Ida and I had that in common too.

Arnie Lerma.
I’d prefer to die speaking my mind that to live fearing to speake

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Note1: The Gingko trees had been a ‘gift’ from the Japanese Government to America. It really was an insult, not a gift, you see most of those trees were female gingko (there is a male and female), whose orange, squishy, fruits are never planted along walkways, because when crushed, they smell distinctly like vomit.

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Scientology’s IRS Closing Agreement

“Couple Lose Bid for Tax Refund Tied to Tuition Courts:
They had claimed that part of their payments to Jewish day schools constituted charitable contributions and cited an IRS break given to Church of Scientology members”
LA Times 2002
Explains Hernandez US Supreme Court Decision that held fixed price donations to not be deductible

Witnesses and documents from the time in 1969, when Hubbard turned it into Religion, Religiosity was invoked only as a legal maneuver in the FDA vs E-Meter case.

From Blacks Law Dictionary:

Fraud: An intentional perversion of the truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing or to surrender a legal right; a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal inquiry; anything calculated to deceive, whether by a single act or combination, or by suppression of truth, or suggestion of what is false, whether it be by direct falsehood or innuendo, by speech or silence, word of mouth, or look or gesture; fraud comprises all acts, omissions, and concealments involving a branch of legal or equitable duty and resulting in damage to another.

Hypnosis In Scientology and Dianetics – Cliff Notes for Deprogramming a Scientologist


The old hypnotists had a big problem

They had a problem that scientologists will  recognize, because Hubbard wrote about the same problem in scientology.

The old hypnosis books describe that:

Hypnosis works best at the beginning of therapy.

Amongst ex-scientologists this may be observed as: “The lower levels are great”

Hypnosis wears off without repeated re-enforcement.

It requires more hypnosis, or something to remind them of the hypnotist or of the previous hypnosis, to turn back on the original suggestions.(note3)

In Scientology there is or once was “Hubbard Technical Bulletin” or “HCOB” with the title SAG Effect that describes that “pc results sags ten days to two weeks” This was written by Hubbard.

The SAG Effect HCOB is an example of Hubbard telling a Shore Story, for something that is commonly observed by professional hypnotists.

Scientology deals with the natural effect of hypnotic suggestions wearing off in three ways:

A: Anyone completing a scientology hypnosis session, – and who is happy about the result, is sent to a high-pressure salesman while in this state. There they are “crush sold”(note1) to buy their next service, for their next covert hypnosis session.


C: Large quantities of glossy mailings gushing about the next service you are expected to take.

The DANGER of the word “CLEAR”

Scientologists and ex-scientologists might benefit from recall of how many thousands of times they have encountered this word in Hubbard’s books, materials, courses, promotions, and tapes…The repetition alone is enough to turn this word into a direct hypnotic command.

Stop now, for just an instant, and ponder this word “CLEAR” as a direct hypnotic command. Consider for a few moments what effect such a direct hypnotic command might have upon the literal, and imbecilic, mind called the subconscious….
Scientologists should try to think about this for a while.
The father of weaponized hypnosis, Dr George Estabrooks, whom Hubbard mentioned in his own tape recorded lectures, stated in 1943 that

“Everything said to a hypnotized subject is true for them”


“What is true for you is true for you”  is what Hubbard says to scientologists!

The TR’s or Training Routines.

The training routines used in the introductory courses are supposed to be about “confronting”, they tell you you are “learning to confront” and practicing  how to “communicate” better.

The above is a “shore story”.  The “TRs” actually turn both you and your “twin”(Hubbard refers to the person you do these drills with as your ‘twin”, he did not choose this word by accident, this will be covered in a later blog)…. into hypnotists. I will need to do a another page just about these training routines but for now, I will give you two sources of the truth.

1) The Eye-To-Eye Technique of covert hypnosis. This is described in a book “Hypnosis for Salesmen” (c) 1961 is the source for the “Eye to Eye” technique used in Scientology’s Tr-0, also Hubbard’s “CCH’s” and it contains this line “Don’t give the customer a chance to say no” which ex-scientologists might recall being said by Hubbard.

2) Alice in Wonderland  – Hubbard uses the book Alice in Wonderland in some of these drills. Below is one page out of a once SECRET CIA Interrogation Manual called the KUBARK INTERROGATION MANUAL.  This manual was revealed in 1999 in a FOIA lawsuit. In 1961 it was classified SECRET. Note that the word “Kubark” is a code word substitution for “CIA.”
The entire manual is available online in two parts ONE and TWO.

This is page 45 of the Kubark Interrogation Manual linked above, which if read by someone who believes there is something to scientology, reading the entire document will remove that idea from consideration… This one page speaks for itself… especially to scientologists, are you ready?



Many have noted that Dianetics was difficult to read. I believe there are two reasons for this

1) the confusing sentence structures were done with intent to confuse the reader, because confusion itself is a method to make a person more suggestible. You may read more about this method here and here. When Lermanet.com first put up these pages ten years ago. we were the first on the net to reveal this METHOD. We still are the top of the search page for The Confusion Technique

2) The other reason Dianetics is difficult to read is due to where Dianetics came from, which will be separate page, as it is a long and fascinating story. In brief, in order to hide the source plagarized for the first half of Dianetics, Hubbard needed to change the words using a synonym book. If his choice of words seems confusing, that may have been intended also because of #1) directly above. (Hubbard used a copy of Dr William Sargant’s manuscript which he later published as “Battle for the Mind”, after inverting most of the meanings to create “Dianetics”. This tidbit was provided to this writer by Dr Mosel, the retired head of the psychology department of George Washington University,  and the young Hubbard’s psychology professor,  during a telephone call to this writer a year or so before he passed away.

The Scientology E-Meter

This device serves several purposes.  Perhaps the most important point is that because it looks like a complicated scientific electronic device with knobs, electrodes and a meter it IMPLIES that there is science behind scientology.

Note well that the word Hubbard chose for  scientology, the word ‘scientology’ itself contains the word “science”. This is a use of implication.  Implication  a method to covertly insert a suggestion into your subconscious. The only ‘science’ in scientology, is the science of advanced psychological techniques to control what a man believes to be true.  These are the METHODS of controlling what a person believes to be true that Dr Robert oppenhiemer tried to warn us about back in 1952. Methods that stated made the challenges faced by the developers of the Atomic bomb seem trivial. And he used the word trivial. Implication is but ONE of those techniques. Repetition is another and so are LIES.

Volney Matheson, who worked with Hubbard in the beginning and invented the E-meter, writes about Hubbard: Page 110 of “Creative Image Processing”


More old Hypnosis methods that are used in Scientology:

A: Best “color” for hypnotism is BLUE
, and light blue. A slight bluish aura is often reported by hypnotized subjects. (note)

Scientology uses a great deal of blue, the old Hollywood Cedars Hospital complex is “BIG BLUE” Their old Mark IV E-meters made at Delta Meter had light blue faceplates Delta E-meter faceplates, E-meter briefcases are blue. The navy Uniform they used to wear was blue. (note)

B: Hypnosis works best in mild climates
Clearwater and Los Angeles for headquarters of $cientology

“Auditing is a simple, thoroughly designed means, of concentrating the mind to the state of a controlled trance. The aim and result is progressively to enforce loyalty to and identification with Scientology to the detriment of one’s natural awareness of divergent ways of thinking and outside cultural influences. Love and allegiance are more and more given exclusively to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.” Dr. John Gordon Clark, Doctor of Medicine of Harvard Medical School

“Contrary to general belief, it has been my experience that the more intelligent the subject, the easier it is to induce hypnosis” Ralph Slater  This observation is voiced by all of the old hypnotists in various wordings, who state that it is because intelligent people are better able “to control their minds better”

“From 80 to 90% of the population can be hypnotized to varying degrees…At least 5% (10,000,000) of the U.S. population is extraordinarily hypnotizable, so easily hypnotizable that they are in a constant state of exaggerated suggestibility, even when awake and going about their normal daily routine. They are at the total mercy of all forms of influences and can easily be persuaded to do things and afterward have no idea why they did them…” Dr. Tobias H. Brocher, Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS.

The Anderson Report:
“The common practice of Hubbard is to change the names of hypnotic phenomena to names of his own invention, purporting thereby to change the nature and significance of such phenomena. Thus, a form of unconsciousness experienced in hypnosis he has renamed variously “anaten”, “boil-off”, and ” dope-off ” ; hypnotic hallucinations he has called “mental image pictures” ; and ” dissociation” he has called “exteriorization”. “


Journal of Hypnotism 1952 by J Roberts Lewes Article Dianetics vs. Hypnosis:

“The same old sofa but with new upholstery”

====pause for reflection====


The Weird Case of Three Florida Teens Who Died After Being Hypnotized
Read at SLATE

Bad effects of hypnosis are more often encountered when it is practiced by an unqualified operator or incompetent operator. Still worse effects might be from when it is done by people who think they are practicing a new technology, comparable to the invention of fire, as Hubbard claims in Dianetics. People who have no idea what they are actually doing. Hubbard tells his members to follow his instructed precisely, and he must do this, because cannot rely upon the understanding one one have if they actually knew what they were doing, that they are actually practicing hypnosis without a license.

Danger of hypnosis is magnified by the fact the designer of this system of covert hypnosis was a psychopath, he had no conscience.

“Why not hit a dog when its down?” said L Ron Hubbard

But Hubbard had no choice, every good con-man has to lie, and generate enormous quantities of detailed notes and instructions to spin a complex and time consuming to understand shore story that explains the simple thing they are doing – conning you out of your money!

If Hubbard had opened hypnosis clinics he would have been regulated by the State Boards and medical profession, so he HAD to lie and say he invented a new ‘technology’ comparable to the discovery of fire < he actually compares it to fire in Dianetics….

Scientific American, January 1951
By Isaac Isidor Rabi Review of Dianetics

“This volume probably contains more promises and less evidence per page than has any publication since the invention of printing.”

Hypnosis must be done under supervision because you can effectively hide symptoms of disease that will kill you if not treated…and there are too many stories of dead scientologists who might be alive today had they attended to their problems medically instead of hiding them using covert suggestions..

Of course Hubbard calls this a ‘cure’ and when the suggestions wear off, you relapse and then he the extorts more money from you saying you are PTS (Potential trouble Source, is often a person connected to someone who does not like scientology, eg: someone who tried to wake a scientologist from the trance)

The whole story of Dianetics and Scientology is but a shore story to get you to imagine something that is not there, and then do this repeatedly! Then Hubbard charges you money to get rid of thing that was not there to begin with!  More about this HERE.

The deeper a trance state is, the less pain and sensation you have in your body… you can now attest to “Clear” (A “state” with a sense of well being and no problems)

And consider that word he chose, a word he chose to repeat hundreds of times, consider the implication of this word carefully as a command suggestion to your subconscious!

Of course having an operator of your trance who has no conscience just adds to the fun…

This is helps make everything else in your life disappear, friends, family, and other sources of information, and all that is left is Hubbard’s voice in your head and the next expensive level….

In Penn and Teller’s book playing in traffic, Penn says “There was only ONE good thing about the space shuttle challenger disaster, it blew that rat bastard L Ron Hubbard’s name off the front page”

PS: And he also called the reactive mind which you must get rid of at any cost by the additional term “Your bank” which made it easier for him to get your money! (you need top get rid of that too)

Note: Reference is L.E. Young The Science of Hypnotism (c) 1931

Note1: Scientology Salesmen are trained on Les Danes “Big League Sales Closing Techniques” A old friend of mine was involved in considerable litigation with scientology over their use of Les Dane’s copyrights without authorization. Google Peter Letterese + Les Dane + scientology

Note3: This may be why the date 911 was chosen, so that there would be constant reminder, when we looked at our telephones and dialed emergency 911.


DONATE: I have paid a terrible price to learn these lessons, the lawsuit in 1995, the destruction of my business, my own physical stress induced physical problems, as well as what some say has been an excessive amount of time deconstructing how the trick was done. If these materials have helped save you or a loved one, or even the materials I have written over the years, I am 64 now, and I sure could use some financial help, especially at this time in my life. Perhaps I could invoke Hubbard’s own programming and ask those who have been helped by my materials over the years, to “balance the flow” and make an “ethical exchange” or just say thank for the help you have received in the past.


I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than to live fearing to speake
Arnie Lerma

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Free gift: The last chapter of L.E. Young’s 1931 masterpiece titled:
25 LESSONS IN HYPNOTISM, Download the .pdf
This mail order “course” used to advertised in Science Fiction magazines…
Ex members of cults may recognize some of the methods described, or perhaps you could learn enough to build a massive cult or mega-church…I was told this was the course L Ron Hubbard took by a man who knows more than I, to whom I promised I would never reveal his name. It is a reward for those that think tl:dr is an evil. “Those that don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t read” (author unknown)

Sidebar: For a short time my mother was HCO E/S FCDC om the 60’s (ED now) Her last comment to me regarding $cientology before she passed away was:

“Get some money out of those bastards while they still have some”

She was swindled out of her modest lifesavings by a Scn lawyer aptly named Ronald or Reginald. T. Flake… an oil well they said.

GOING CLEAR – 3 Emmy Awards – what was wrong with the book and movie


“GOING CLEAR and the Prison of Belief” the book by Lawrence Wright
and the triple Emmy Award winning HBO Movie by Alex Gibney.

The book and HBO special by the same name did a fantastic job at showing by living examples just how evil scientology really is, and it does so in a manner that people on the street with no background or knowledge can grasp.

There is one issue I have with this otherwise superb effort, – it leaves out


and seems to dismiss further understanding by calling it “BELIEF.”

This brings to mind a song by Dire Straits, from their Brothers in Arms album, titled:
“The Man is Too Strong”…

“I have legalised robbery
Called it a belief
I have run with the money
And hid like a thief
I have re-written history
With my armies and my crooks
Invented memories
I did burn all the books”

One old friend was targeted by scientology for the crime of being my supporter. He just happened to be walking by his television set one day August of 1995 with CNN playing, and he recognized a man he used to know who worked across the hallway from him when he was in scientology in 1971.


See youtube of raid here:

He watched a story about a man that was getting raided by scientology for putting their secrets upon the internet.  That was this author.. writing the words for you now, in what became a famous court case:

RTC vs Arnaldo Lerma, Digital Gateway, Richard Leiby, Mark Fisher, & The Washington post were named as defendants.

Judge Brinkema eventually opined:

29 Nov 1995 “”the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation of RTC [$cientology] in suing Lerma, DGS and The Post is to stifle criticism of Scientology in general and to harass its critics.”

and this one from the final memorandum opinion, a Judicial Opinion that the Scientologists even moved to have SEALED! (the sealing order was soon lifted)

” Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by “clusters” to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts “


Read some of the voluminous media about this lawsuit that made the cover of American University’s Law Magazine, “The Jurist” and the cover of December 1995 edition of Wired Magazine, and NY Newsday and the The Washington Post and the New York Times..
New York Times..

More by Arnie Lerma about the raid in an interview with Tory Christman on her wonderful youtube channel. LINK

The document that I posted had already appeared on the internet anonymously, by a nick using the moniker “Scamizdat”. A close of friend of mine, and ex-member, Joe Harrington, admitted on his death bed that he was scamizdat and had posted it anonymously through Johan Helsingus’s anon.pentit.fi anonymous remailer. (See last comment on John Harrington memorial page LINK)

Scientology nicks repeatedly would claim that the document was a “forgery” but I knew it was real because I’d seen it when I was in scientology.


The use of secret initiatory levels helps to trap a member by giving the member hope…

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never is, but always to be blessed:
The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.
– Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

Members of scientology are tricked into imagining something so amazing, so incredible, so stupendous – something big enough in their minds to justify enduring all the rigamarole and constant financial exploitation to just arrive at the secret level.

I had seen this pattern, as a child, being introduced to the “big secret” by the friendly pedophile “Bill” who lived next door. So perhaps I did have an axe to grind about secrets used for exploitation.

I believed that to expose this level and using a copy of an unsealed public court document that had this data as an exhibit, I could end scientology’s claim that it was a ‘forgery’.

I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams,(note3) when a decade later watched the same material be presented to kids all over the world in the “In the Closet” episode of Comedy Central’s South Park cartoon series.


southpark-xenu MORE here

I knew that if people knew what was on these levels they would lose the magic power of the big SECRET.


Mr Mark Plummer posted an interesting little booklet today containing an interview with the President of Scientology. The fact scientology does bad things was dismissed by claiming that because the (mainstream churches) did bad things in their beginnings, it is no big deal scientology does some bad things. See images HERE

Mr Lawrence Wrights’s book(*) and the Alex Gibney’s Emmy Award winning HBO adaptation describe the bad things scientology does in convincing detail, leaving do doubt of the evil.

However, to confine examination and discussion within certain acceptable limits is a method of information control, described by Noam Chomsky. You encouarge a lively discussion but avoid certain prohibited topics….(*note2) This is actually part of Scientology’s “RELIGIOUS CLOAKING DEFENSE” the true story of which (READ THIS) is at odds with the “Founded in 1954” story that is widely propagated. Scientology cloaks itself in religion to avoid conviction under US laws as a fraud. Note: It has been convicted of fraud twice in France!

The recent expose leaves how it works, to one word… they merely call it belief.


The fact is, the ‘religiosity’ was only invoked in 1969 as a legal maneuver in the FDA vs the E-meter(note2a)  Federal Case before the FDA!

I believe that scientology no longer cares about “scientology does bad things” but acts as if it does to a degree, but that is an act, a contrived theatrical. Scientology has not sued anyone for Libel since the 1991 Time Magazine article… and scientology lost that suit.(*note1)

Despite the wonderful effort and penetration into society accomplished by Mr Wright, and Mr Alex Gibney’s movie, they got the religion angle wrong, and left the “how it works” as “belief”. I believe this plays into the hands of scientology..

Scientology does bad things is OK with scientology, but NEVER allow anyone to explain HOW THE TRICK IS DONE or to cause doubt about their bogus religiosity…

THIS is why I say that $cientology doesn’t give a damn about “$cientology does bad things” but does care about anyone explaining or providing information about How the trick is actually done.

They might ACT as if they care about $cn does bad things but that is like Briar Rabbit saying “ANYTHING but the briar patch”

And Lawrence Wright and Alex Gibney, think they are the Fox..

Calling it “belief” makes nothing of the fact we are dealing with a dangerous covert hypnotic FRAUD, which is a criminal conspiracy to defraud the public. This is what this entire blog is about, including revelation of some of the methods of HOW THE TRICK IS DONE.

Thank you for reading, I regret that some things take a while to explain, and I try to do the best I can, and even I wish someone would explain these things better.

Arnie Lerma
Lermanet.com Exposing the CON since 1993

*note1: Time Magazine spent ten million dollars fighting the scientology suit. In that case, the Judge of the NY Federal District was quoted by an Appellate judge as believing that scientology was CULT

*note2: – Shawn Lonsdale, before his death, told me that a Ms Greenway gained his trust after she told him she was advising Andrew Morton on his 2008 book on Tom Cruise)

*Note2a: See E-Meter as a trance detector, written after this post.

*note3: Three times in RTC vs Lerma scientology suggested I settle the case. The first was Mike Rinder, Dec 5th 1995, just before a hearing, in the stairway of the old Alexandria Federal Courthouse.

Mike Rinder said “We can make all of this go away, what will it take?” Expecting a dollar figure..

I said “Scientology will have to stop hurting people”

Mike said “We will never do that”

I said: “Let’s go to the court”

Ten minutes later scientology lost their trade secret claims...
On 2 other occasions I was approached to settle, in the 2nd one of my attorneys leaned on me saying “Scientology has friends in high places” In the 3rd it was a global settlement effort to end my case, Factnet’s case and Lawrence Wollersheim’s collection case, and they offered between 9 to 12 million.
The 50 page proposed gagged settlement included a $50,000 penalty if any of us spoke to media or did an interview…And we would pay the costs of litigation to collect it from us!!

It also included one line that I will never forget:

“I agree that Scientology is a bona-fide RELIGION”

Lawrence was interviewed about the last settlement negotiations by Mr Alan Pendergrast in Westworld Magazine. See Westworld article

We all slept just one night, with sugar plum fairies, carrying bags of green moohlah, with golden lace wings, fluttering in our minds. Imagining relaxing by a poolside cafe in Cozumel, watching the curves of the waitress bring another Margarita…. but in the morning Lawrence Wollershiem (Who waited 7 more years to get his judgement), Robert Penny (Who was dying of MS at the time, and was one reason we entertained the negotiations at all) and I all agreed, that our souls were not for sale. We knew in what was left of our battle weary hearts, that you can’t make a deal with the Devil.

We refused.

I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than to live fearing to speake
Arnie Lerma

End note re author of “Going Clear”

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