Operation Mind Control


“A magnificent book, moral, significant, unforgettable” Richard Condor author of
“The Manchurian Candidate”

In the Manchurian Candidate it was fiction, here it is in bone chilling fact.

The most terrifying true story ever to emerge from the United States. Walter Broward has uncovered a huge cryptocracy, dedicated to controlling and manipulating human minds.

Browart’s devastating account includes top-secret documents cold-bloodedly outlining the cryptocracy’s programme, and startling new evidence to link Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earle Ray and Sirhan Sirhan with Operation Mind Control.

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Read it, discuss what you realize while reading it in comments here, or in the thread in my Deprogramming Group on Facebook.  I am up to page 370 of 800 pages and will be posting my own insights.

Archived at Lermanet.com the largest archive of scientology materials on the net, started in 1993.
Archive.org’s Wayback Machine – where I found this  after a gentleman on facebook kindly replied with the link.





Aquino interview on Oprah:



Note: image above “lower voltage for induction of implanted suggestions” See my E-Meter Pages on sidebar




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Truth Control

“[A]s the New Year dawns – if I could change one thing about America and Western journalism, it would be that we all repudiate “information warfare” in favor of an old-fashioned respect for facts and fairness — and do whatever we can to achieve a truly informed electorate.” Robert Parry RIP Jan 28th, 2018

Weaponization of Social  Media:

“In the technotronic society the trend would seem to be towards the aggregation of the individual support of millions of uncoordinated citizens , easily within the reach of magnetic and attractive personalities effectively exploiting the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor  == Comment by Arnie Lerma: “magnetic personality” as well as “charismatic leader”has become news-speak for a HYPNOTIST See: Obama the Hypnotist

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Above a glaring example of search results from two search engines. No need to say more. Do your own research, try  duckduckgo.com

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Best Summary of how to recognize the methods being used above

The Gentleman’s Guide to Forum Spook’s, and trolls”

“As Tavistock’s researchers showed, it was important that the victims of mass brainwashing not be aware that their environment was being controlled; there should thus be a vast number of sources for information, whose messages could be varied slightly, so as to mask the sense of external control.” ~ Specialist of mass brainwashing, L. Wolfe  more

Fallacious Argument and Logical Fallacy

This broad topic describes various social-acceptable means used by performers and others who benefit from obfuscation, to make  the  words being presented, sound like something of value is being said, when in fact, a closer examination will show that it is rubbish.(note)

The presence of such methods should alert the listener to be alert to covert methods of suggestion.  Fallacious argument is widespread, considered socially acceptable, and is the most widespread means to convince people that pigs fly.

If you can educate a person you have differences with, to not use these methods, then the debate will become one where everyone wins as truth is revealed.

When debate is about who is right, ’tis safe to assume that you are dealing with small minds in need of self-esteem, ego re-enforcement,  and raised dopamine levels. You can also feel confident that your education is not the point, perhaps page views are..but not your education.

Two Thousand five hundred years ago, this is what Confucious said about such methods used in debate:
“But the moment eloquence or the language of debate enters, true reasoning becomes impossible. For the purpose of the debater is not to find the truth but to win the argument, and to this end he will often stray as far as possible from the real issues”

“Eloquence and debate are designed, not to decide issues, but to sway people, for this reason they lean heavily on appeals to emotion and prejudice, and make use of neat, clever, and sometimes humorous turns of phrase rather than profound analysis of ideas”

“Of all this Confucious was contemptuous

Confucious by H. G. Creel 1913, Chapter “The Teacher”

Debate should be pursued to determine what the truth is, and never about “who is right”, the only solution users of these methods have at their disposal, such as Hubbard,  is the same solution Hubbard enforced in scientology, it is called disconnection.

The four most often used logical fallacies by Hubbard are ad-hominem, straw-man, appeal-to-emotion and appeal to authority. ( whether fake as in Hubbard was a War Hero, or implied by being placed next to an important guest )

Many of these make the listener more prone to covert suggestion, of implanted falsehoods, because anything that stops thinking, makes whatever is stated thereafter more hypnotically suggestive.

No one who grasps these few methods of fallacious argument would have been fooled by the use of these methods by Hubbard in his books. Not ONE. I wish I had known of them when I was 16 years old. Teach your children now, don’t wait until they are old and set in their ways.

Learning these will protect you from con men in general, not just from cultic operators.

“A logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning. Logical fallacies are like tricks or illusions of thought, and they’re often very sneakily used by politicians and the media to fool people. Don’t be fooled! This website has been designed to help you identify and call out dodgy logic wherever it may raise its ugly, incoherent head. Rollover the icons above and click for examples. If you see someone committing a fallacy, link them to it e.g. yourlogicalfallacyis.com/strawman”

PS: And do it before they disconnect from you…


Those that use these methods are entertaining you by telling you what to think. I have chosen a far tougher row to hoe,  that requires dedication, mental effort, and a resolve to learn methods that are being used to confuse you, methods used to cause good people to believe lies are truth, by trying to explain how to really think for yourself.

Another symptom of use of fallacy to convince you of anything,  such as “authority” is that,  just as like Hubbard did, they  will never credit the actual source that explained  it to them. They want you to think they were the clever lad… so you will hang upon every word their “insiders” provide…

PPS: Hubbard used a phrase “acceptable truth” this is functionally equivalent to the phrase “politically correct”  see video:

Stop back in a few days after I refine this screed a bit… And thanks for caring about your own mind enough to read, it takes considerable effort, but then if it were easy I wouldn’t be banging my head against a wall about it… These pages are about how to recognize truth, by teaching the methods used to control what you believe to be true.

Logical Fallacies are a way to proof people against various underlying methods of covert hypnotic suggestion without having to mention the word, hypnotism. Teaching these to a cult member makes the control methods cease to work, because all cults rely upon fallacious argument methods.

Advanced Students Only: Will benefit from getting familiar with the  deep state’s own programs..  Programs being run to control what people believe to be true so that those who profit from lies can continue to do so. LINK (pdf of Snowden documents re SIGDEV + psychological effects)  (Also see online troll methods) And the result of those programs:

One more END NOTE: “Yes…and one senator , Paul Wellstone , was against the Iraq war. Dick Cheney cursed him on the senate floor. He, along with his family, went down in a small plane crash.Bush stole the 2000 election in a silent coup d’é·tat. The election was rigged more blatantly than usual..and they still couldn’t steal it. The coup happened when the supreme court stopped the counting of votes. This was not on / in MSM. This was when the US govt. stopped trying to look democratic. They went on openly fascist. And the American people still don’t know .Bush stole both elections, 2000 and 2004.”

truth does not pay well
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Note: (for ex-scientologists), Hubbard told you he discovered the data series, which is an abbreviated rewording of the methods of fallacious argument, with Hubbard’s most often used forms of fallacy omitted.

LERMANETICS or How you created your reactive mind.

“The basic principle in performing a trick is to do it so that the secret actions are not
observed. As Alphonse Bertillon said, “One can only see what one observes, and one
observes only things which are already in the mind.” A trick does not fool the eye but
fools the brain. In order to do that, it must be performed so that the secret parts are not
noticed.” CIA Manual about the use of stage magic for deception

LERMANETICS or How you created your reactive mind

In 1995 I got a lot of media after posting scientology’s core secrets to the internet. Here is a link to a front page of The Washington Post’s Outlook Section that was run on Christmas Day 1994, and here a 1995 cover story from The Jurist, of the American University Law School about the story of XENU and the Space Cooties. This same material was illustrated 10 years later in cartoon form, in South Park’s major Scientology episode titled “In The Closet”

Because of that media, people would call me, thank me for what I did, and some would tell what they knew about Hubbard and Dianetics. Journalists at several big name print newspapers even chose to send me their scientology archives when they retrired decades after this.

One of those callers was outstanding. He was an elderly man, with a distinctly cultivated voice, as if he had spoken to a crowd while trying to wake those sleeping for thousands of hours.

I asked him who he was and he declined saying that “he was too old to deal with those nutballs” and did not wish to risk being involved, but he asked me if I would like to know where Hubbard got the ideas for Dianetics..

I said I would love to know, so this distinguished voice continued:

When Hubbard was in the Navy Hospital, a visiting clinician was passing out copies of his paper to the patients and asking for their opinions. It was that paper that was used for Dianetics.

I pressed him for more but he demurred, indicating that he had said enough, thanked me again for my courage and then hung up. ,

At this time I knew little about intelligence methods, and I could kick myself for not noticing the following for almost a decade:

His statement begged the question, How would he have known this? (note1)

It was long time activist, Ms. Ida Camburn who gave me the answer.

A brilliant lady who was a member of the first anti-cult group in America, The Citizens Freedom Foundation, and later The Cult Awareness Network.  Ida gave me her copy of a little book titled “Battle for the Mind” by Dr William Sargant. Dr. Sargant was the head of psychiatry in the UK during WWII. This little book described in succession several topics that I recalled encountering in only one other publication – The book Dianetics by Hubbard.

In the fine print at the beginning of his book Dr. Sargant described himself as “A Clinician”… I don’t recall encountering any other described by this word. The chaptering and index layout even had a similar look and feel as first half of Hubbard’s “Dianetics.” Some research on the internet revealed that Dr Sargant had been a visiting professor at a university not too far from Norfolk Naval Station and the Navy hospitals there.

Now I knew where Hubbard stole at least some of his ideas that he used for Dianetics, That he used the ideas of the head of Psychiatry in the UK during WWII alone would shake up and perhaps wake up true believers. Halleleujia – The ONE SHOT Deprogramming regimen! Well not quite. I have found that in order to break the trance, you have to go to the first big lie that the victim swallowed, and then get the person to begin thinking about the false assumption – to begin thinking again at the point that his thinking has been stopped. Thinking deeply about that first lie that changed life forever – That specific instant in time that  began their believing in the reactive mind..

Hubbard used the ideas of the 1944 head of psychiatry in the UK, but, only after turning them upon their head, inverting the intent and meaning as used by Dr Sargant’s book about mind control to make a compelling, and entrancing storyline, accented by lurid and grisly emotionally filled images that Hubbard, while wearing his “hypnotist hat”,  vividly drew in his victim’s minds!

“The author’s (Hubbard’s) biography for his novel Triton (1949) , says that “his leisure hours are devoted to the study and practice of hypnotism.” (Note2)

Did he do this to you? He certainly did it to me.

By inducing his readers to stop their thinking, he, to some degree, made his readers more suggestible to hypnotic suggestion. He used “shock and awe” to stop thinking. Describing in rapid succession pre-frontal lobotomies, coat hanger abortions, and electro-shock treatments. Then, while the reader had stopped thinking, he told them that they had a terrible thing, called the reactive mind.

When thinking has been stopped by any method, the doorway to your subconscious is left unguarded.

The Confusion Technique

He used several  methods to make his readers more suggestible, to make his readers more open to persuasion. One of those is called the confusion technique. Parts of Dianetics seem confusing, and difficult to understand. Remember,  he was copying the ideas of another man, a man whom he could not reveal because it would have provided evidence not only of whom he stole from but how the trick was being done, so Hubbard had to substutute from the best word that Dr Sargant likely used,  to another, in order to describe these things using different word.

This made Dianetics a bit more confusing. But this served the purpose of Hubbard inin his books, because confusion is just another method used to make a person more persuadable, more suggestible…

Confusion itself is a covert method that makes you more prone to persuasion, that makes what you are told a direct command going into your subconscious.  When you read something that does not make sense, uses uncommon words, or perhaps is just plain gibberish the mind grows desperate to grasp, desperate to understand.. even more so if you had been told beforehand that the man writing the material had authority, that the man you were reading was a smarter, more well informed man than you.  As you read the confusing  sections your mind grows more and more desperate to read something that makes sense, something, even anything that is a complete, simple thought, even a big fat lie, or a whopper. The trouble is, it is during exposure to something that is confusing, that this desperation grows in your mind to understand,  that allows the first simple idea, the first easily understood concept that you can understand, to be accepted, uncritically as true. Even if that simple statement has no basis in reality whatsoever. Even if that simple idea, once accepted into your mind as true, is capable of enslaving you to the whims of a madman for the rest of your life..

And it is that simple statement, that you were tricked out of a desperation to accept anything that made ‘sense’, that your mind seized upon as truth, forever. Out of sheer panic style, in deer in headlights style desperation, the next statement that is understood will be accepted as true!

Even if it is a lie!

This is only one of the tricks he used when he wrote Dianetics, and he used many, and some are individually described on my blog pages here:

Main Index

Hubbard demonized psychiatrists and psychiatry, viciously, because anyone who believed his words would never dare read a book by a psychiatrist. Why would you dare? Had you read Dr William Sargant’s book, Battle for the Mind, you would both notice the plagarism and would find out how the trick was done!. It is with that same motive, that I too, have been demonized by Scientology.

The use of intense emotional content, (coat hanger abortions, pre-frontal lobotomy, electro-convusive shock treatment) – and you thought it was what he was explaining that had value to you!! No, it was just a shore story, to expose you to lurid, shocking. emotionally laden content, so thinking would stop. 

Then, having stopped thinking, Hubbard’s key lie would enter your subconscious without demand for evidence, correlation, thinking or discussion, as a fact. – As a direct suggestion into your subconscious!

The fact is, it was a bald-faced lie.

I have tried above to explain two methods from the bag of tricks described as persuasive writing.  These include  fallacious argument, hard sell methods, implication, authority suggestion, repetition, the confusion technique and then the clincher,  fear.

Like a good salesman he gave you reason to act now! This thing, this supposed reactive mind, was destroying you,  and it was the only thing that stood in your way to becoming the superman you really were!!

Persuasive writing includes covert methods to produce trance. A trance is a more suggestible state. Trance is a natural part of the human life, where it is called daydreaming, and it is what we do when we imagine. The father of weaponized hypnotism, Dr George Estabrooks, in 1943 stated “Anything said to a hypnotised subject is true for them” Does this phrase by a psychologist and hypnotist remind you of anything scientologists say? (note 3)

Dianetics was a story, a shore story invented out of whole cloth to coerce the reader into parting with his money, in order to rid himself of something he imaged was terrible but something he never really had in the first place, before he sat down to read one of Hubbard’s books.

It is something entirely fictitious, and imaginary, a fraud upon mankind that Hubbard called the Reactive Mind! (note4)


Note1: More than a decade later I learned that man to be Dr Mosel, the then retired head of the psychology department at George Washington University in D.C. who was Hubbard’s professor in 1938, after being contacted for assistance by the son of the one time president of George Washington University, Mr. Burgess Carroll.

Note2: Atack, Jon (2014-12-10). Scientology: the Cult of Greed (Kindle Locations 366-367).. Kindle Edition.

Note3: “What is true for you is true for you”  is a phrase scientologists like to say as if it had meaning.

Note4:  That Hubbard also makes an effort to call this thing that you must get rid of at any cost by another phrase is telling… He also called the ‘reactive mind’ by the phrase ‘your bank’.. If your subconscious was operating on the idea that you had to get rid of your bank, this would make the members of  Hubbard’s sales force believe they had almost super human powers of persuasion… when what they actually had was the power of suggestion, whispering to the person from the inside of their mind, to get rid of their bank,  (account) while the scientology salesman was demanding they empty their bank account.

A note on the word “clear”. Think for a few moments why he repeated that one word, a word spelled “c l e a r” many hundreds of times… go ahead, give it a try, try thinking about why he did it.. why he used this word throughout every part, and every day, in his scam that he created to first steal your wallet, and then turn you into one of his mercenary soldiers, in his private army of thieves…to steal other people’s wallets!

The word “clear’ makes everything disappear, and all that is left is Hubbard and scientology! Hubbard in your mind. saying with authority that you must get rid of your reactive mind, that you must get rid of your bank….

And yes,  it takes considerable courage to be honest with yourself, and come to the final conclusion that all of this was just a shore story so that Hubbard could:

– L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 9 March 1972, MS OEC 384

We know the BIG LIE works, I never knew WHY until I read this: “Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person’s mind from perceiving the truth. In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts searching for meaning in the “golden mean” between truth and its opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent of the person who subjects them to this method. ” age 104, Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

“Man positively needs general ideas and convictions that will give a meaning to his life and enable him to find his place in the universe. He can stand the most incredible hardships when he is convinced that they make sense but he is crushed when, on top of all his misfortunes, he has to admit that he is taking part in a ‘tale told by an idiot.”
Carl Jung

Related reading for recovering members:
The Scientology Matrix
8 Steps out of Scientology
Why you didn’t get that promotion in scientology

The Armed forces slogan “Be all that you can be” is a functional equivalent to Hubbard’s promise  “Go clear and OT” used to induce people to pursue Dianetics and Scientology.

Truth does not pay well
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History of Scientology on the Internet

A gentlemen named Tom Klemesrud, ran an ISP called Netcom, in Burbank California. Mr. Klemesrud’s ISP hosted the FIRST anti-cult BBS (dial-up Bulletin Board Service) in 1989. Meanwhile on America Online there was a busy anti-scn discussion area. Boxes of materials from Klemesrud’s BBS as well as from Cynthia Kisser’s anti-cult group went to Rich Behar the writer at Time Magazine to help create that huge cover story in TIME magazine.


The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

Ruined lives. Lost fortunes. Federal crimes. Scientology poses as a religion but really is a ruthless global scam — and aiming for the mainstream.

Read the article
“Scientology is quite likely the most ruthless, the most classically terroristic, the most litigious and the most lucrative cult the country has ever seen. No cult extracts more money from its members.”

In 1991 after the time magazine article above, a guy started the newsgroup alt religion scientology on USENET.  The big breakthrough happened in the fall of 1993, when AOL and other Internet Service Providers,  opened their gateways to the internet in August. It was described as “The fall that never ended”

Documents from court cases involving scientology started appearing on the net. The archives of an anti-cult group called FACTNet were made available on the net. New documents were being scanned,  and turned into text, and uploaded from cases all over the world, as were newspaper articles. Ex-members started posting their stories to this newsgroup. Recovering members and those harmed by scientology began to realize that what happened to them was not unique, that they were not alone!

In 1993 Scientology sued a an ex-member I knew when I was one of them, named Enid Vein for copyright.  During that litigation her cat was shot. She told me that scientology, in their settlement proposal demanded she never mention the murder of her cat.
She was forced to settle with them.
This infuriated me.

Index on A2 lists at top of C/OUTLOOK

How the Scientologists try to
impose their version of the truth
on members, defectors—and on
journalists. Page C1

Then on Christmas days of 1993 the Washington Post ran this article on the front page of Outlook section, after Scientology sent two goons to my front door of my home in Alrington Virginia. I mailed out several letters, explaining the circumstances and closed my letter with “This is America, isn’t it?”

Then all hell broke loose.

Im the guy holding the Scientology hates Free Speech sign.. 1995, before my hair turned white:



In 1995 Scientology raided four activists. Tom Klemesrud, Arnie Lerma, Dennis Erlich, and Lawrence Wollersheim and Bob Penny’s FACTNet.org in Colorado claiming  copyright infringement, and trade secret misappropriation.  Scientologist Lawyer Earle Cooley called it copyright terrorism.

Centerfold of December 1995 WIRED Magazine,
alt.scientology.war was the cover story!


An activist in Holland, Karin Spainke posted the secret materials and was also sued.

Another named Zenon Parnusis, who was another sued, literally wall-papered the bridge between the Swedish Parliament and Swedish High Court with the once secret materials.

In December 1995, I got a call from Detective Thomas Miller CWPD, he told me to look at a web page on the Clearwater Police Department web page. I did, seems the police wanted information about a suspicious death of a scientologist named Lisa McPherson. Being on IRC relay chat at the time,  and  having my hands full with my own court case, ex-member consultations, and fighting back...so I messaged Jeff Jacobsen, who ran with the ball and started Lisamcpherson.org, and became the site for Lisa McPherson’s horrific tale.  He did an outstanding job, organized pickets and protests against scientology.

This is image is from one of those, which I turned into a postcard.

In 1996 a retired investment banker named Robert Minton, who told me he had been confined in a closet as a child, and was touched by the story of Lisa McPherson, read a story I had posted to the newsgroup about a strange encounter I had two decades prior, and decided to pick up his checkbook and made a donation of $10,000 to FACTnet.org

At this time Scientology was harassing activists all over the world in its quest for silence.


Mr Minton went on to fund litigation,  help activists, started a corporation, The Lisa McPherson Trust and against my advice, opened an office in Clearwater across the street from their headquarters. He helped hundreds escape scientology.   Won several awards both here and overseas.  After a valiant effort, spending millions, having his children followed to school, and being litigated into a state of shell shock, he retired from the war, exhausted. But only after scientology admitted spending 30 million dollars trying to get rid of him. He passed away in 2009 from a heart attack, and is buried in Ireland.

15 sec clip from NBC Dateline, Bob and Arnie:
http://www.lermanet.com/audio/bob-arnie2.wmv from 1997


Anonymous arrived on the scene in 2008, and this writer, with serious stenosis of several areas of my spine, had to try to walk away, at least for a while, meanwhile, Mr Ortega moved into high gear with his blog pages and current scientology news.

Sometimes perspective is everything.
Google search results for:

“Leah Remini” + scientology 557,000
“David Miscavige” + scientology 280,000
“Robert Minton” + scientology 112,000
“Tony Ortega” +scientology 91,300 results (0.51 seconds)
“Mike Rinder” + scientology 74,000
“Marty Rathbun” + scientology 66,900
“Gerry Armstrong” + scientology 36,700 results
“Nancy Many” + scientology 26,200 results
“Arnie Lerma” + scientology 25,500
“Karen de la Carriere” scientology 23,300
“Pete Griffiths” + scientology 9850
“Gabe Cazares” + scientology 3280
“Karen Pressley” + scientology 2,150 results
“Tom Padgett” + scientology 1080

“asthmatic dwarf” + scientology 900

End notes: From the department of forensic history at Lermanet, Tom Padgett wrote:
THE SCIENTOLOGY WARS! When did they begin? Paulette Cooper’s original “The Scandal Of Scientology” book. David Mayo’s public defection. L Ron’s death. Richard Behar‘s poignant 1991 Time Magazine cover story The Cult Of Greed. The IRS victory in 1993. Long before social media and the current crop of bloggers, there were a few around with some letters after their names leading the charge. In addition to Dr. Singer, Dr. Lifton, etc., and there was Dr. Jolly West. He addressed the nature of the warfare environment from a forensic science approach.

truth does not pay well
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Tales of the Fatman: A Warrior’s Honor

Dr Patrick Jost, PhD Linguistics, passed away February 18th, 2017. In 1995 he ran the Far East desk at the US Department of Treasury’s Finn-Cenn (financial crimes and money laundering division) In the alt-scientology.war he is responsible, amongst other notable things, for saving the fortune of an Investment banker, and anti-scientology crusader named Robert Minton from an elaborate scientology covert operation. His Falls Church Virginia auto license plate read, simply:  “HAWALA”

In the mid 1980’s when Russia was in Afghanistan, my close friend Patrick Jost was there. His job was to run a Hughes Satelite uplink, and send information collected by various intelligence operatives back to the US. The DIA had an agent over there at the same time, named Mike, whose last name will be omitted. His job included capturing wounded Russian soldiers, torturing them, and then sending the intelligence squeezed out of their last breaths back to the USA. The reputation of this particular man became widely known to the Russians and the Mujahideen.

The Mujahideen would attack a Russian convoy and blow everything to pieces including the Russians, but before re-enforcements would arrive to take out the wounded, the DIA operative would take the wounded who were still alive back to his camp for interrogation, and for torture.

The Mujahideen knew about this DIA guy. They liked Patrick because he could understand and speak their language even though his accent sometimes made them laugh, and he was real.

If Patrick was able to get to the site of a Mujahideen attack before the DIA did, he would offer his service weapon to the wounded Russians, so they would have a choice to finish themselves off rather than endure the slow death that they knew awaited them,

Knowing that you were going to be tortured by the DIA made this decision compelling. If the Russian soldier was physically incapable of taking his own life, Patrick would ask them if they wanted him to finish them, which he sometimes did. Each incident such as this, Patrick would take the Russian’s dog tags back to his hut, and put them in a cigar box. Patrick spoke Russian, Irdu and Farsi and grew to know these mountain men well.

Mike found out what Patrick had been doing and told him to stop interfering in his intelligence activities. Dr Jost strongly objected to torture, and continued offering his services to the wounded Russians. As the months went by, and the losses mounted, the cigar box started to fill.

One day, however, the DIA guy, Mike, snatched Patrick from his hut and took him back to his compound and interrogated him.

The Mujahideen, have a sense of warrior’s honor and a sense of dignity regarding death, and a disgust with torture. They hold in esteem the honor of ending needless physical suffering. They considered Patrick’s acts of mercy as the work of God upon this earth. That day the DIA guy took Patrick, the Mujahideen were alarmed, they had grown to know their new friend from America as a man, and they knew what was going to be done to him. On their own initiative, these warriors for Allah, broke into Patrick’s hut, and took that box of Russian dog tags and then proceeded to the Russian fort..as fast they could run.

Now you must understand the situation. The Russians see a Mujahideen warrior, running toward them while carrying in outstretched arms, above their heads, an open cigar box, running toward the front gate of a Russian fort.

Fortunately, in optics the Russians saw the cigar box, and what appeared to be Russian dog tags, not a bomb, so they did not kill the man, and opened the gate. The Mujahideen warrior, explained the circumstances of the cigar box full of Russian dogs tags., and that the DIA officer had taken Dr. Patrick Jost to his compound to torture him, to teach him a lesson.

The Russians knew of Patrick Jost and knew of the DIA base. At the instant the Russian commander grasped what was going on he scrambled his men and the Russians took off in gunships for the DIA compound. They made the DIA guy an offer he could not refuse, in exchange for releasing Dr Jost. and then brought Patrick back to tend his wounds.

After Patrick regained his senses, the Russians expressed their gratitude for the service Patrick had performed for their wounded soldiers. They asked Dr Jost, who at this point was not going back to do his job for Hughes Aerospace Industries, if there was anything he needed. Patrick said yes, “I need only two things, a plane ticket to Paris and a ceramic .45 that will pass through airport security.”

These were provided.  Patrick traveled to Paris, where he went to the address of Mike’s partner in the heroin export business. This particular man was the French connection for the heroin, from the opium harvests of Afgahnistan that under DIA oversight were shipped through Pakistan for refining into heroin, and then to ports in France.

Patrick walked in, saying nothing, and shot the man three times, then pushed the limp body forward face down onto the desk, and gave him one more to the back of the head. . Then he opened the briefcases next to the desk, Two were filled with cash, another with heroin. Patrick dumped them onto the man’s dead body.

Then Patrick Jost turned and left the building and walked on down the road.

PS: Dr Jost went to his grave without being willing to tell me what occurred while he was in the DIA compound..He once told me: “Arnie, people like me exist so that people like you can”.

If this story seems incredible, understand that only small crimes need to be “SECRET” the big crimes are best concealed by incredulity

Oct 28th Interview with Jim Willie PhD
200 tons of Heroin per year from Afgahnistan, profits to the
George Bush and the Associations of Past President’s Fund

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12 Methods of Propagandists and more…

“Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction,
once we got as used to it.”
–H.L. Mencken.

Added: BIG LINK The Official CIA Manual of Deception (Mulholland et al.)
Just as a magician’s methods must elude detection in front of a closely attentive audience, so an intelligence officer doing espionage work must elude close surveillance and pass messages and materiel without detection.”John McLaughlin Former Deputy Director, Central Intelligence



John Mulholland’s book:


Yes like Mulholland Drive…

It describes in better words what I’ve been trying to explain on my blog as the method used for 911. And states that this stage magician worked for the US CIA for a while…he quotes:

“The French conjurer of the 18th century, Robert Houdin, who magicians today call the Father of Modern Magic, once said, “It is immaterial how skillfully an orange is caused to disappear, my friend. There is no magic unless the audience is aware that the magician had an orange in the first place?”

This is directly analogous to cults and to politics.

Mulholland describes in better words what I’ve been trying to explain about 911 was done, re highly charged emotional wordings or events or imagery…which was the same method used by Hubbard in his books.

Now I have a cite describing this method,  who did contract work for the CIA!  More soon..

Excerpt (This is not the METHOD chapter, which is quite long, however this is directly related, and is the technique used by my enemies, and  helped destroy Robert Minton)

What are the propagandist’s devices?

1. He tries to get his message to us at the exclusion of all others. This
device is his most effective weapon and makes his job difficult in
democratic countries—difficult, but not impossible if he is clever or
powerful enough. Spokesmen for big business silenced effectively the
voice of labor in the United States for many years. Conservative and
left-wing groups frequently find communications media closed to them.
The voice of the pacifist is often drowned out by hyperactive patriots. In
no way, however, does the propagandist in our culture have the clear
track he finds in Red China or the Soviet Union. But neither are
dissenting voices in America given the encouragement they receive
today in Great Britain and in some other democratic nations.

2. He appeals to our emotions rather than the rational side of our
natures. For the propagandist, feeling excludes thought. It is far easier
to excite us, annoy us, anger us, frighten us or flatter us than it is to
make us think. When we use our logical faculties, we are prone to doubt
our own conclusions. When we feel something, we trust our emotions.
Emotions may be aroused in seconds; our logical mechanisms work
more slowly. Therefore, much propaganda is designed to activate the
recipient’s emotions—to get him to react—either by modifying his
opinions and attitudes or by impelling him to do something— rather
than to think. The propagandist prefers to act on his victim in the most
direct and simple manner: by means of emotional appeals rather than
invitations to think clearly. Reaction without thought is one frequent
outcome of successful persuasion.

3. He gives little or no credence to views opposing his own. The
propagandist’s world is made up of unilateral views. He speaks in terms
of “rights” and “wrongs.” He presents only one side of an argument, and
if his opponent’s viewpoint is mentioned at all, it is immediately derided
and dismissed.

4. He says he is always working “for your benefit.” The propagandist
will usually deny motives of self-interest. He will lead you to understand
that your welfare is all he has at heart. He will cast himself as an altruist,
the bearer of facts who is out merely to “set the record straight.”

5. He will deny that he is a propagandist. In his lexicon he will have
hundreds of terms to cover the fact that his central task is that of
persuasion. He will be a bearer of “information,” his task may be “public
relations,” “publicity” or any number of weasel terms, but never, never
is he a propagandist.

6. He calls people who disagree with him “propagandists.” His
opponents are skillful, wily, clever and masters at the business of
propaganda. This device is even used by political campaigners. Do you
remember, back in 1956, when Harry Truman looked right into your
98living room from the TV tube to tell you that the Republicans were a
pack of liars you could trust as far as you could throw them, or words to
that effect? H.S.T. was a fine propagandist.

7. He will never back down in the face of opposing evidence. Evidence,
for the propagandist, is merely a diversion from the argument. “Don’t
bother me with facts,” he says in effect, “I have told you the truth. What
good are facts?” The correctness of his position, as he wants you to see
it, is above dispute.

8. He will use any device available to get his message across. If you
believe what you read in the newspapers, you will find the propagandist
masquerading as a journalist. If you are influenced by movies, he’ll
make one to your taste. If you read heavy books with scholarly formats,
he will print them. (This device works particularly well on professors.) If
you go to the theater, he’ll get to you by means of an actor from the
stage. He’ll speak from car cards in the subway or from skywriting air-
planes. He’ll print his message on shopping bags and cereal boxes. He
will be heard—somehow.

In the manner that he uses the various media of communications, the
propagandist is frequently an artist of no small accomplishment. Some
of the finest paintings in our tradition have been executed by painters
who were using their skills for persuasion. Certain propaganda films are
cinematic masterpieces. Because the propagandist’s convictions are
deep and his efforts usually untiring, the literature of persuasion is
invariably vigorous, sometimes inspiring. Even the art work in modern
advertising propaganda is original, technically expert and often
amusing. (From one point of view, it is a pity that so much creative
talent is wasted on what boils down to trivia. From another, we are
fortunate that advertising talent appears more effective in the world of
merchandising than in propagating social or political causes, despite
spurious propaganda we have heard about Madison Avenue’s influence
on politics.) These examples merely affirm Machiavelli’s
observation—made centuries ago—that persuasion is an art, and not an
easy one to master.

9. He will attempt any and all kinds of fallacious arguments possible if
he thinks he can get away with them. A book on elementary logic will
explain what the propagandist can do to the laws of logic. False
generalizations, poor analogies, linguistic tricks, appeals to authority,
special pleading, non sequiturs, appeals to tradition, faith, motherhood,
country and God are all grist for the propagandist’s mill. The fact that
his techniques have been discredited for hundreds of years means
nothing to him. If a spurious argument is likely to work, he will use it.
But equally important, he will avoid like the plague any kind of ar-
gument that is risky, may hurt his cause or may backfire. The skilled
99professional propagandist gives far more consideration to the kinds of
spurious logic he must avoid than those false arguments he does use.
Anyone can create good illogical arguments. The propagandist must
create perfect ones!

10. He is frightened of education. Since he can handle the tricks of his
propaganda adversary (or thinks he can), his main enemy is the
dispassionate, objective mind that would swing the spotlight of
scholarly scrutiny on his handiwork. He may quote academic studies
when they favor his cause. He may even hire certain amenable scholars
to do his documentation work for him, but the professors he buys do not
constitute a threat. They are not educators, because they are so busy
creating persuasion that they neatly label “research” that they have
neither time nor desire to be concerned with education. Propagandists
hate teachers, however, in the degree that teachers use the process of
education to free the minds of their students from the shackles of

11. He talks in terms of “good” and “bad,” rarely offering any
alternatives to either. For the propagandist, the shades of gray do not
exist. He offers things in black and white only. Either you are with him
or against him. Either he is right, or his opponent is. He manages to
polarize his arguments—that is, to turn things that are relative matters
into absolute “on the one hand” or “on the other hand” propositions.
You are caught, therefore, between the jaws of his “either-or” argument.
Grant that part of what he tells you is true, and he will tell you that you
have to believe the rest.

12. He talks in his victim’s language, using terms that are especially
meaningful to him. The propagandist exploits the values in life that his
victim thinks are important. He discovers the emotionally loaded
symbols of patriotism, home, family and religion that make his
persuasion seem immediately acceptable, because he talks to his
audience like one of the family. After carefully studying the things his
victim loves and hates in life and what he really considers important, the
propagandist is ready to speak to him “man to man” or “straight from
the shoulder.” This peculiar art in persuasion is both difficult and

Are these methods occult or mysterious? Hardly.
They are effective. Evidence of their results is all around us.
Why do they work?
This is a very complicated matter, and often propagandists themselves
are not clearly aware of how great their power is or why their particular
type of persuasion works as well as it does. The psychology of
propaganda is not a simple matter, but it can be described in terms of
simple principles.
People respond to propaganda because the persuader has made
response easy for the recipient. The victim does not need to worry very
much about “ifs, ands and buts,” nor does he need to think strenuously
concerning the propagandist’s arguments. Everything is made simple
for him. “Do as I say,” implies the propagandist, “and you will be blessed
by one of the most fortunate of all human gifts: You will be relieved of
the obligation of having to think for yourself.”


“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” (Thomas Jefferson, Letter to P. S. Dupont de Nemours, Poplar Forest. April 24, 1816.)


Image above from Edward Snowden documents – training presentation for an official governmental office describing actual online methods to control what YOU believe to be true.

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