Tales of the Fatman: A Warrior’s Honor

Dr Patrick Jost, PhD Linguistics, passed away February 18th, 2017. In 1995 he ran the Far East desk at the US Department of Treasury’s Finn-Cenn (financial crimes and money laundering division) In the alt-scientology.war he is responsible, amongst other notable things, for saving the fortune of an Investment banker, and anti-scientology crusader named Robert Minton from an elaborate scientology covert operation. His Falls Church Virginia auto license plate read, simply:  “HAWALA”

In the mid 1980’s when Russia was in Afghanistan, my close friend Patrick Jost was there. His job was to run a Hughes Satelite uplink, and send information collected by various intelligence operatives back to the US. The DIA had an agent over there at the same time, named Mike, whose last name will be omitted. His job included capturing wounded Russian soldiers, torturing them, and then sending the intelligence squeezed out of their last breaths back to the USA. The reputation of this particular man became widely known to the Russians and the Mujahideen.

The Mujahideen would attack a Russian convoy and blow everything to pieces including the Russians, but before re-enforcements would arrive to take out the wounded, the DIA operative would take the wounded who were still alive back to his camp for interrogation, and for torture.

The Mujahideen knew about this DIA guy. They liked Patrick because he could understand and speak their language even though his accent sometimes made them laugh, and he was real.

If Patrick was able to get to the site of a Mujahideen attack before the DIA did, he would offer his service weapon to the wounded Russians, so they would have a choice to finish themselves off rather than endure the slow death that they knew awaited them,

Knowing that you were going to be tortured by the DIA made this decision compelling. If the Russian soldier was physically incapable of taking his own life, Patrick would ask them if they wanted him to finish them, which he sometimes did. Each incident such as this, Patrick would take the Russian’s dog tags back to his hut, and put them in a cigar box. Patrick spoke Russian, Irdu and Farsi and grew to know these mountain men well.

Mike found out what Patrick had been doing and told him to stop interfering in his intelligence activities. Dr Jost strongly objected to torture, and continued offering his services to the wounded Russians. As the months went by, and the losses mounted, the cigar box started to fill.

One day, however, the DIA guy, Mike, snatched Patrick from his hut and took him back to his compound and interrogated him.

The Mujahideen, have a sense of warrior’s honor and a sense of dignity regarding death, and a disgust with torture. They hold in esteem the honor of ending needless physical suffering. They considered Patrick’s acts of mercy as the work of God upon this earth. That day the DIA guy took Patrick, the Mujahideen were alarmed, they had grown to know their new friend from America as a man, and they knew what was going to be done to him. On their own initiative, these warriors for Allah, broke into Patrick’s hut, and took that box of Russian dog tags and then proceeded to the Russian fort..as fast they could run.

Now you must understand the situation. The Russians see a Mujahideen warrior, running toward them while carrying in outstretched arms, above their heads, an open cigar box, running toward the front gate of a Russian fort.

Fortunately, in optics the Russians saw the cigar box, and what appeared to be Russian dog tags, not a bomb, so they did not kill the man, and opened the gate. The Mujahideen warrior, explained the circumstances of the cigar box full of Russian dogs tags., and that the DIA officer had taken Dr. Patrick Jost to his compound to torture him, to teach him a lesson.

The Russians knew of Patrick Jost and knew of the DIA base. At the instant the Russian commander grasped what was going on he scrambled his men and the Russians took off in gunships for the DIA compound. They made the DIA guy an offer he could not refuse, in exchange for releasing Dr Jost. and then brought Patrick back to tend his wounds.

After Patrick regained his senses, the Russians expressed their gratitude for the service Patrick had performed for their wounded soldiers. They asked Dr Jost, who at this point was not going back to do his job for Hughes Aerospace Industries, if there was anything he needed. Patrick said yes, “I need only two things, a plane ticket to Paris and a ceramic .45 that will pass through airport security.”

These were provided.  Patrick traveled to Paris, where he went to the address of Mike’s partner in the heroin export business. This particular man was the French connection for the heroin, from the opium harvests of Afgahnistan that under DIA oversight were shipped through Pakistan for refining into heroin, and then to ports in France.

Patrick walked in, saying nothing, and shot the man three times, then pushed the limp body forward face down onto the desk, and gave him one more to the back of the head. . Then he opened the briefcases next to the desk, Two were filled with cash, another with heroin. Patrick dumped them onto the man’s dead body.

Then Patrick Jost turned and left the building and walked on down the road.

PS: Dr Jost went to his grave without being willing to tell me what occurred while he was in the DIA compound..He once told me: “Arnie, people like me exist so that people like you can”.

If this story seems incredible, understand that only small crimes need to be “SECRET” the big crimes are best concealed by incredulity

Oct 28th Interview with Jim Willie PhD
200 tons of Heroin per year from Afgahnistan, profits to the
George Bush and the Associations of Past President’s Fund

truth does not pay well
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One comment on “Tales of the Fatman: A Warrior’s Honor

  1. That is one hell of a story. A lesson in how brutal this shit is. Torture them to death. Thank you again for giving away your work. Sharing.

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