Only Fools Fall for Cults?

“Hypnosis is not inexplicable, uncanny or occult, and it is not abnormal. Hypnosis is a natural consequence of a specific application of definite and understandable laws. The laws hypnosis follows are not laws of hypnotism, but are the laws of thought. Hypnosis is the logical result of thinking when, under a particular set of circumstances, there is no other way to think.”  Hugh Lacy

“There is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong.” H.L. Mencken
“ONLY FOOLS FALL FOR SCIENTOLOGYVariations of this headline is a common fallacy that needs to be addressed once and for all.

“Weak willed”, “dumb”, “idiots”…

Ex-members of cults like scientology hear this all the time, but there is a problem, it is just not true!

Hypnosis is most effective upon those with superior intelligence. The old hypnotists all agreed, stating this in one form or another and concluding that this is because:

Intelligent people can control their minds better”

Ralph Slater in his book “Hypnotism” said:

“Contrary to general belief, it has been my experience that the more intelligent the subject, the easier it is to induce hypnosis” Ralph Slater, Stage Hypnotist, played Carnegie Hall several times the winter of 1949/1950 then Dianetics appeared the next spring..


Page 18, Andrew Salter, “Conditioned Reflex Therapy” (c) 1949 contains a summary of prior psychologists conclusions regarding intelligence and hypnotism:

“Krasnogorski, a disciple of Pavlov, has demonstrated that in children the ease of reflex formation increases with intelligence.(22)

It is impossible to establish conditioned reflexes in congenital idiots, but in higher types of mental defectives reflexes can be conditioned, though only with difficulty and for short duration. In normally intelligent children the reflexes are easily conditioned. If intelligence is associated with ease of conditioning, we would also expect intelligence to be associated with ease of hypnotizability. And in fact there is extensive evidence that this is the case Clinicians working in the older tradition have always known that hypnotizability goes with intelligence. Lloyd has said that the better the intelligence, generally speaking, the better the subject, if he can be hypnotized at all.(23)

Tuckey also emphasizes this and speaks of the “fallacy of the contention which one sometimes hears urged against hypnotism, that it is only applicable to fools and weaklings.”(24)

It is easy to hypnotise intelligent children, almost impossible to hypnotise dull ones. These observations have been verified in the laboratory. White found that students with higher college marks were somewhat better hypnotic subjects than those with lower ones.(25)

He found that high scores on college level intelligence tests had a positive relationship with hypnotizability, and David and Husband, using the American Council of Education scholastic aptitude tests. found a similar and stronger correlation.

Hull presents a page of similar positive correlations. (27)

Hull (Clark Hull), who said “words… are have acquired during previous history of the subject, through the process of association or conditioning, the capacity to to evoke the reactions of which they are the names, ” calls the conditioned reflex “one of the most primitive of all learning and memory processes.”(28)

In a broad sense, then, there should be no occasion for surprise that intelligence helps rather than hinders, the acquisition of hypnosis. ”

Hana Eltringham as the D/Commodore, the highest “rank” in Hubbard’s navy, now Hana Whitfield, described following Hubbard (The Commodore) down a passage of the Apollo when he paused and said

‘You know, it’s really all just hypnosis...”

Sufficiently reawakened survivors of the cult experience eventually realize that they have a microcosmic perspective on society as a whole:


A recent X-Files episode ended with Mulder talking to Scully, “What is it that could induce a person to tie explosives to the their chest and then blow themselves up at a checkpoint?”. (Pause) then he says “Hypnosis and suggestion”.. scene then fades to black

3 comments on “Only Fools Fall for Cults?

  1. chuckbeatty77 says:

    Or…..modern undereducated hopefuls, “Candides” are the gullible born every day, who fall for snipe hunting soul powers scammers, like Scientology.

    Candide by Voltaire, fits like a glove for my foolish dupe hopes for Scientology’s supposedly universal soul powers.

    Scientology’s goal is “OT” (soul astronaut, or a soul that can soul-fly at will, out of the body, but in fact it’s hallucination, at best, and it’s NOT something even guaranteed by doing all of the Scienotlogy past-lives quack pseudo-talk-therapy nor by doing the Scientology dead-aliens-souls exorcism (the final kicker “secret-no-longer” upper 5 pay-as-you-go-COSTLY-exorcism levels of Scientology are chasing one’s dead alien souls that infest one’s body! What a long drawn out scam for the dupes.

    And to top it ALL off, in Lawrence Wright’s book, final pages of the “Going Clear…” book, plus also in the DVD movie “Going Clear….” is the still completely unnoticed and unappreciated bombshell revelation that L. Ron Hubbard admitted FAILURE, to Hubbard’s closest adult friend and helper/ranch hand, Sarge Steven Pfauth.

    Goldmine to Scientology, is only found in the latest books, and “Going Clear….” by Lawrence Wright, final pages, has the GOLD on the whole scam Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard!

    Chuck Beatty
    LONG time fool for Scientology, 1975-2003

    • Arnie Lerma says:

      H told D/Commodore Hana Eltringham, that it is all just hypnosis….

      Thanks for your post Mr. Beatty. You and I were Sea Org members, but we are very different in one way. We were both ordered to the RPF. You went to the RPF and stayed for , what was it? 7 years. (Read Chuck’s story from 2003 here: ) and I told them to go to hell, and me and the Div VI reg from ASHO traveled to FOLOEUS in NYC, walked in and said PAC is insane, Reporting for duty!… I stayed there almost 2 years before walking out the door forever…winter 77/78

  2. Gustavo says:

    Yes, and Candide also means Whitened or something… that’s the gist of the word candidate

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