Jack Parsons had his first test site in the mountains directly behind the current location of $cientology’s Gold Base north of Hemet at Gilman Hot Springs. If you were to follow the dry river gully from the road overpass directly west of Gold base, north into the mountains, you would arrive at Parson’s first test site.(note)
The entire flood plain astride Gold Base was at one time designated as an EPA site for perchlorate contamination, though I can no longer find this reference to cite.
Perchlorate was the oxidizer that Parson’s used for his JATO rockets.
(JATO – Jet Assisted Take Off)
I encountered a display at the Air and Space Museum, the one out by Dulles Airport, that had cutaways of JATO rocket engines.. I recognized them as Parson’s.
There is a burn channel running down the centre to control the burn rate of this engine. A solid fuel rocket engine design rides a knife edge. rides a fine fine line between being a 4th of July fountain firework and a bomb.., the higher the thrust the finer that line becomes…
And this burn channel shape was the pentagram:
I smiled knowingly as I walked away…
 If you were to cut Parson’s JATO rocket open like cutting a sausage in half, the red is the hollow burn control channel area…


Jet Assisted Take Off = JATO  on a B47


 (note) The top of the mountain overlooking Gold just happens to be a high security USN communications facility covered with antennas..access to the mountain top is through an unmanned underground entrance, visible on the road going towards the Soboba Indian Reservation Casino, on the left side of the road, enclosed by barbed wire and labeled “US Government property, no trespassing) 20702 Soboba Rd San Jacinto | CA 92583 33.821781, -116.967890


Lermanet LINKS to occult $cientology connections:
Early webbed docs are on 1st link and 2nd links, some important unindexed additions are in later links…
(has index of L Ron Hubbard Jr’s writings and interviews at bottom)
(Head of psychiatry in Sweden evaluates Hubbard’s affirmations)
Kabbalistic NUMEROLOGY used to choose $cientology leadership
Charles MANSON series
Enjoy, considering the strangeness of the times we live in you may want to save these files…
The older pages do expose my naivety when I started out twenty years ago on this strange path… I’ve never deleted my previous wrong conclusions, just added the right one’s later…so there is a record of the way it looked at the time…
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GOY = WOG (this is also fine example of twilight magical language)

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