The Secret of Repetition – why and where it gets its power…

Man evolved during most of his evolution living in a tribal setting. Everything you see is part of nature, a forest of trees – but no two trees are identical, a rocky canyon but no two rocks are identical. There are no flat surfaces, everything has curves. Most everything is different….except perhaps the sun, moon and stars…

It appears there is some fundamental truth about the repeated appearance of any object, thing, person, or idea that has some kind of magical power. Something fundamental that is hidden in plain sight.

“What I say three times is true” Lewis Carroll 1874

A propagandist or operator running an elaborate fraud will choreograph additional voices, additional impressions, to chime in agreement when making false claims. These could be innocents who were merely fooled by the same deceptive techniques and given false information demonizing the target so the dupe could be led to believe that the target deserves it.

Typically, these manipulators will ask a small favor of slight risk to the person, then later ask for more. But there is never enough. Until the good hearted person is hopelessly ensnared in a web of deceits that are impossible to confront without a extreme degree of personal courage. Evil always wants more. This condition is pathological. As I believe this world contains plenty to satisfy every mortal need, but it is impossible to satisfy greed..

A favorite reason of the psychopath when asked WHY they did it is:


Sociopaths will surround themselves with people they can manipulate. Having no qualms about finding out what a person thinks is important and while making the person feel important to they can more easily use them as pawns. They tend to hate those they can’t fool, as Hubbard did.. and there is nothing to compare to the rage of a psychopath who has been found out. In larger conspiracies where more money is involved agents will be hired. One ex-OSA employee told me the going rate for internet posters is $800 a week (2015). In a newspaper article in it was reported that 1500 “Facebook warriors” were recruited by the 77th Regiment for GCHQ in the UK. Winter 2014/2015), considering the secret agreements that link UK, the US and Australia and New Zealand intelligence communities together the total number may be an order of magnitude more. (Cite: The Puzzle Palace 1982)

Psychologist for OSS and hypnotist George Estabrooks stated in 1943 that the power to manipulate what people believe to be true would only be lost when those people become familiar with the techniques being used upon them, What we need to know is what is the method behind the power of repetition?

People describe peer pressure, group agreement and the psychology of crowds. However, with the information you read below, you may wish to view peer pressure simply as repetition by implication.


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Goebbels

This many more like the above are well known, but why does it work? Consider the following:

Familiar surroundings bring a sense of comfort and security instantly to mind.

The familiar face of a pet, or a child, or even neighbor, seen every day for years, becomes more and more attractive as the years go by or that old truck you don’t want to part with.

The Source of the Power of Repetition

When a baby is born, they transition from a dark warm and relatively quiet and motionless environment to a bright noisy hectic world where things move, and for perhaps the first time ever shortly after the umbilical cord is cut after birth, experience hunger. The young growing mind finds itself in this amazing bright moving world and experiences something it has never known before, called hunger.

With all these things moving around them, there is one thing that is seen repeatedly… and that repeated first thing they see, is their mother’s face, smiling sweetly, who feeds them, holds them, warms them, loves them, and gives them a sense of security while whispering to the young mind in gentle tones that all will be well, just drift off to sleep so mommy can sleep just a little while before dawn….

The first repetitive image that the young mind sees during this period of extraordinary and rapid physical development of that mind, is mother’s face. The point I’m getting to that I hope stuns you to the same degree it has affected me is that any repetition of any kind is associated, in the hard wiring of our brains, with warmth, love, food and security! The very structure of your mind is wired to make this association. Hard wired to consider anything we see often as a good thing, the more often we see it, the better that thing or person seems to be. This effect explains celebrity stardom in simple terms of how many times have we seen that person’s face!

This, my friends is the biggest secret of all and is what makes the advertising, propaganda, mind control and cult worlds work.

This is how the trick called REPETITION works, and where it get’s its power.

It is from the power of mother’s face!

Sidebar: I found one psychology student who recognized this method. She said at the end of the school year her very old professor came in and told them he was going to lecture about something that is not in the textbooks which is no longer taught in psychology classes…and she said that he described this same idea….

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” — George Orwell, 1984

truth does not pay well
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6 comments on “The Secret of Repetition – why and where it gets its power…

  1. Arnie Lerma says:

    The subject of truth suppression on the net is begging for a summary blog page… It has been in my mental ‘things to do’ list for a while…thanks for the nudge 🙂

    Edit: 7/1/2017 DONE – See WE ARE ALL BEING PLAYED

  2. […] Another METHOD, is repetition, however, like the big lie above, everyone knows that repetition works but no one explains WHY repetition works. What you will find out also manifests in crowds. I find this view elegant and simple compared to Le Bon’s work “The Crowd” . LINK to The secret of repetition […]

  3. Ann says:

    Makes sense, could be right but if I keep looking at all this stuff I’ll only be fit to go to the loony bin but u have a very good point

    • Arnie Lerma says:

      Ann, yes, duly noted, and that is why I distribute it piecemeal.. this material removes induced societal delusions

      The “book” version of this material cannot be read by a normal well adjusted member of the the current society of endless war.

      I have encountered material, truths, that set me wandering about aimlessly in a shocked daze.. the next time you want to feel dissassociated. Google LERMANET PAPERCLIP and read that unfinished .RTF file…
      This stuff took me a lifetime to grow strong enough to digest, and *I* have difficulty… even as an ex sky-diver with 225 jumps, done to conquer fear and that flinch when things happen too fast.
      Thanks for your comment. I do understand.

      PS: Below is why you should make some effort to share and discuss this with as many as possible:
      “War is the greatest injustice. We are not fighting the culprits. Those who pay, who incite, who use the media to make people turn against each other – this is who we should fight against.” – Alexey Mozgovoy, commander of the “Ghost” brigade, killed May 23, 2015

      He who grasps these lessons can thereafter no longer be manipulated quite so easily towards hating another… towards war, and in light of Nuclear Weapons, perhaps this would be a profitable course?

      Arnie Lerma

      Only small secrets need be concealed, the big secrets being best protected by public incredulity.

  4. Royston Simmons says:

    Edward De Bono understood the power or repetition to re-enforce memory pathways and memory recall. He recommended that the designers and developers of computers hardware / software create more than one pathway to the same piece of data. He wrote a book on the subject called Mechanisms of the Mind

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