Hypnosis In Scientology and Dianetics – Cliff Notes for Deprogramming a Scientologist


The old hypnotists had a big problem

They had a problem that scientologists will  recognize, because Hubbard wrote about the same problem in scientology.

The old hypnosis books describe that:

Hypnosis works best at the beginning of therapy.

Amongst ex-scientologists this may be observed as: “The lower levels are great”

Hypnosis wears off without repeated re-enforcement.

It requires more hypnosis, or something to remind them of the hypnotist or of the previous hypnosis, to turn back on the original suggestions.(note3)

In Scientology there is or once was “Hubbard Technical Bulletin” or “HCOB” with the title SAG Effect that describes that “pc results sags ten days to two weeks” This was written by Hubbard.

The SAG Effect HCOB is an example of Hubbard telling a Shore Story, for something that is commonly observed by professional hypnotists.

Scientology deals with the natural effect of hypnotic suggestions wearing off in three ways:

A: Anyone completing a scientology hypnosis session, – and who is happy about the result, is sent to a high-pressure salesman while in this state. There they are “crush sold”(note1) to buy their next service, for their next covert hypnosis session.


C: Large quantities of glossy mailings gushing about the next service you are expected to take.

The DANGER of the word “CLEAR”

Scientologists and ex-scientologists might benefit from recall of how many thousands of times they have encountered this word in Hubbard’s books, materials, courses, promotions, and tapes…The repetition alone is enough to turn this word into a direct hypnotic command.

Stop now, for just an instant, and ponder this word “CLEAR” as a direct hypnotic command. Consider for a few moments what effect such a direct hypnotic command might have upon the literal, and imbecilic, mind called the subconscious….
Scientologists should try to think about this for a while.
The father of weaponized hypnosis, Dr George Estabrooks, whom Hubbard mentioned in his own tape recorded lectures, stated in 1943 that

“Everything said to a hypnotized subject is true for them”


“What is true for you is true for you”  is what Hubbard says to scientologists!

The TR’s or Training Routines.

The training routines used in the introductory courses are supposed to be about “confronting”, they tell you you are “learning to confront” and practicing  how to “communicate” better.

The above is a “shore story”.  The “TRs” actually turn both you and your “twin”(Hubbard refers to the person you do these drills with as your ‘twin”, he did not choose this word by accident, this will be covered in a later blog)…. into hypnotists. I will need to do a another page just about these training routines but for now, I will give you two sources of the truth.

1) The Eye-To-Eye Technique of covert hypnosis. This is described in a book “Hypnosis for Salesmen” (c) 1961 is the source for the “Eye to Eye” technique used in Scientology’s Tr-0, also Hubbard’s “CCH’s” and it contains this line “Don’t give the customer a chance to say no” which ex-scientologists might recall being said by Hubbard.

2) Alice in Wonderland  – Hubbard uses the book Alice in Wonderland in some of these drills. Below is one page out of a once SECRET CIA Interrogation Manual called the KUBARK INTERROGATION MANUAL.  This manual was revealed in 1999 in a FOIA lawsuit. In 1961 it was classified SECRET. Note that the word “Kubark” is a code word substitution for “CIA.”
The entire manual is available online in two parts ONE and TWO.

This is page 45 of the Kubark Interrogation Manual linked above, which if read by someone who believes there is something to scientology, reading the entire document will remove that idea from consideration… This one page speaks for itself… especially to scientologists, are you ready?



Many have noted that Dianetics was difficult to read. I believe there are two reasons for this

1) the confusing sentence structures were done with intent to confuse the reader, because confusion itself is a method to make a person more suggestible. You may read more about this method here and here. When Lermanet.com first put up these pages ten years ago. we were the first on the net to reveal this METHOD. We still are the top of the search page for The Confusion Technique

2) The other reason Dianetics is difficult to read is due to where Dianetics came from, which will be separate page, as it is a long and fascinating story. In brief, in order to hide the source plagarized for the first half of Dianetics, Hubbard needed to change the words using a synonym book. If his choice of words seems confusing, that may have been intended also because of #1) directly above. (Hubbard used a copy of Dr William Sargant’s manuscript which he later published as “Battle for the Mind”, after inverting most of the meanings to create “Dianetics”. This tidbit was provided to this writer by Dr Mosel, the retired head of the psychology department of George Washington University,  and the young Hubbard’s psychology professor,  during a telephone call to this writer a year or so before he passed away.

The Scientology E-Meter

This device serves several purposes.  Perhaps the most important point is that because it looks like a complicated scientific electronic device with knobs, electrodes and a meter it IMPLIES that there is science behind scientology.

Note well that the word Hubbard chose for  scientology, the word ‘scientology’ itself contains the word “science”. This is a use of implication.  Implication  a method to covertly insert a suggestion into your subconscious. The only ‘science’ in scientology, is the science of advanced psychological techniques to control what a man believes to be true.  These are the METHODS of controlling what a person believes to be true that Dr Robert oppenhiemer tried to warn us about back in 1952. Methods that stated made the challenges faced by the developers of the Atomic bomb seem trivial. And he used the word trivial. Implication is but ONE of those techniques. Repetition is another and so are LIES.

Volney Matheson, who worked with Hubbard in the beginning and invented the E-meter, writes about Hubbard: Page 110 of “Creative Image Processing”


More old Hypnosis methods that are used in Scientology:

A: Best “color” for hypnotism is BLUE
, and light blue. A slight bluish aura is often reported by hypnotized subjects. (note)

Scientology uses a great deal of blue, the old Hollywood Cedars Hospital complex is “BIG BLUE” Their old Mark IV E-meters made at Delta Meter had light blue faceplates Delta E-meter faceplates, E-meter briefcases are blue. The navy Uniform they used to wear was blue. (note)

B: Hypnosis works best in mild climates
Clearwater and Los Angeles for headquarters of $cientology

Also see

Authority Suggestion
The Secret of Repetition
Reverse Blockade
Secret of Dianetics
Secrets of the E-Meter

More Secrets of Dianetics

“Auditing is a simple, thoroughly designed means, of concentrating the mind to the state of a controlled trance. The aim and result is progressively to enforce loyalty to and identification with Scientology to the detriment of one’s natural awareness of divergent ways of thinking and outside cultural influences. Love and allegiance are more and more given exclusively to Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.” Dr. John Gordon Clark, Doctor of Medicine of Harvard Medical School

“Contrary to general belief, it has been my experience that the more intelligent the subject, the easier it is to induce hypnosis” Ralph Slater  This observation is voiced by all of the old hypnotists in various wordings, who state that it is because intelligent people are better able “to control their minds better”

“From 80 to 90% of the population can be hypnotized to varying degrees…At least 5% (10,000,000) of the U.S. population is extraordinarily hypnotizable, so easily hypnotizable that they are in a constant state of exaggerated suggestibility, even when awake and going about their normal daily routine. They are at the total mercy of all forms of influences and can easily be persuaded to do things and afterward have no idea why they did them…” Dr. Tobias H. Brocher, Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, KS.

The Anderson Report:
“The common practice of Hubbard is to change the names of hypnotic phenomena to names of his own invention, purporting thereby to change the nature and significance of such phenomena. Thus, a form of unconsciousness experienced in hypnosis he has renamed variously “anaten”, “boil-off”, and ” dope-off ” ; hypnotic hallucinations he has called “mental image pictures” ; and ” dissociation” he has called “exteriorization”. “


Journal of Hypnotism 1952 by J Roberts Lewes Article Dianetics vs. Hypnosis:

“The same old sofa but with new upholstery”

====pause for reflection====


The Weird Case of Three Florida Teens Who Died After Being Hypnotized
Read at SLATE

Bad effects of hypnosis are more often encountered when it is practiced by an unqualified operator or incompetent operator. Still worse effects might be from when it is done by people who think they are practicing a new technology, comparable to the invention of fire, as Hubbard claims in Dianetics. People who have no idea what they are actually doing. Hubbard tells his members to follow his instructed precisely, and he must do this, because cannot rely upon the understanding one one have if they actually knew what they were doing, that they are actually practicing hypnosis without a license.

Danger of hypnosis is magnified by the fact the designer of this system of covert hypnosis was a psychopath, he had no conscience.

“Why not hit a dog when its down?” said L Ron Hubbard

But Hubbard had no choice, every good con-man has to lie, and generate enormous quantities of detailed notes and instructions to spin a complex and time consuming to understand shore story that explains the simple thing they are doing – conning you out of your money!

If Hubbard had opened hypnosis clinics he would have been regulated by the State Boards and medical profession, so he HAD to lie and say he invented a new ‘technology’ comparable to the discovery of fire < he actually compares it to fire in Dianetics….

Scientific American, January 1951
By Isaac Isidor Rabi Review of Dianetics

“This volume probably contains more promises and less evidence per page than has any publication since the invention of printing.”

Hypnosis must be done under supervision because you can effectively hide symptoms of disease that will kill you if not treated…and there are too many stories of dead scientologists who might be alive today had they attended to their problems medically instead of hiding them using covert suggestions..

Of course Hubbard calls this a ‘cure’ and when the suggestions wear off, you relapse and then he the extorts more money from you saying you are PTS (Potential trouble Source, is often a person connected to someone who does not like scientology, eg: someone who tried to wake a scientologist from the trance)

The whole story of Dianetics and Scientology is but a shore story to get you to imagine something that is not there, and then do this repeatedly! Then Hubbard charges you money to get rid of thing that was not there to begin with!  More about this HERE.

The deeper a trance state is, the less pain and sensation you have in your body… you can now attest to “Clear” (A “state” with a sense of well being and no problems)

And consider that word he chose, a word he chose to repeat hundreds of times, consider the implication of this word carefully as a command suggestion to your subconscious!

Of course having an operator of your trance who has no conscience just adds to the fun…

This is helps make everything else in your life disappear, friends, family, and other sources of information, and all that is left is Hubbard’s voice in your head and the next expensive level….

In Penn and Teller’s book playing in traffic, Penn says “There was only ONE good thing about the space shuttle challenger disaster, it blew that rat bastard L Ron Hubbard’s name off the front page”

PS: And he also called the reactive mind which you must get rid of at any cost by the additional term “Your bank” which made it easier for him to get your money! (you need top get rid of that too)

Note: Reference is L.E. Young The Science of Hypnotism (c) 1931

Note1: Scientology Salesmen are trained on Les Danes “Big League Sales Closing Techniques” A old friend of mine was involved in considerable litigation with scientology over their use of Les Dane’s copyrights without authorization. Google Peter Letterese + Les Dane + scientology

Note3: This may be why the date 911 was chosen, so that there would be constant reminder, when we looked at our telephones and dialed emergency 911.


DONATE: I have paid a terrible price to learn these lessons, the lawsuit in 1995, the destruction of my business, my own physical stress induced physical problems, as well as what some say has been an excessive amount of time deconstructing how the trick was done. If these materials have helped save you or a loved one, or even the materials I have written over the years, I am 64 now, and I sure could use some financial help, especially at this time in my life. Perhaps I could invoke Hubbard’s own programming and ask those who have been helped by my materials over the years, to “balance the flow” and make an “ethical exchange” or just say thank for the help you have received in the past.


I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than to live fearing to speake
Arnie Lerma

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Free gift: The last chapter of L.E. Young’s 1931 masterpiece titled:
25 LESSONS IN HYPNOTISM, Download the .pdf
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Ex members of cults may recognize some of the methods described, or perhaps you could learn enough to build a massive cult or mega-church…I was told this was the course L Ron Hubbard took by a man who knows more than I, to whom I promised I would never reveal his name. It is a reward for those that think tl:dr is an evil. “Those that don’t read have no advantage over those who can’t read” (author unknown)

Sidebar: For a short time my mother was HCO E/S FCDC om the 60’s (ED now) Her last comment to me regarding $cientology before she passed away was:

“Get some money out of those bastards while they still have some”

She was swindled out of her modest lifesavings by a Scn lawyer aptly named Ronald or Reginald. T. Flake… an oil well they said.

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  2. Richard D says:

    Regarding “Hypnosis works best at the beginning of therapy”

    I assume that elron knew that a slightly confused mind is easier to hypnotize and manipulate.

    I recall not quite getting it when scn procedures were referred to as “processes”. I agreed to it and then got “processed”!

    Processing is more appropriately applied to a meat (or brain) packing facility. – lol

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