One Method of Covert Hypnosis


A Secret Method of Hypnosis used in what called Dianetics and Scientology

It is described as secret because this is not described in literature other that one of the old hypnotists, a man named LeCron, in his book Clinical Hypnosis. I no longer have this particular book available to quote so the following insight is my own wording based on the lightning bolt that struck me after learning this.

Described under a subheading that stated

“An advanced method for creating the deepest states of hypnosis” *

*(Whenever the word hypnosis is encountered, it is helpful to remember that the state being described is one in which the subject has been rendered more suggestible. That is, what is said to, or implied to the subject, at this time becomes literally TRUE for them)

Here we go:

“To create the deepest trance states, all one has to do is to cause the person to imagine something that is moving that is not really there” and then do this “repetitively a few times”

I will give you an example, if you are comfortable with trance, go ahead and imagine along with me: ( I won’t be asking for you money, though It would be helpful )

“Imagine a  yellow tennis ball slowly rolling across the table in front of you,  and then it falls off the edge, bouncing a few times and continues silently through the doorway, out of sight. In your mind’s eye, now imagine it coming to stop in the next room and being motionless on the floor.”

Adventure to do this a few times, you may find yourself in a state similar to a daydream. Now note that while doing this and immediately afterwards,  your awareness of you own physical pains and body sensations is reduced, you do not feel them as much as you did before. Each time you repeat this exercise of your imagination you feel less and less sensation in your body….

I’ll wait for you to finish repeating the above a few times…

Those who have previously experienced Hubbard’s METHODS,  will recognize that this METHOD is analogous to the shore stories told to us in both Dianetics and Scientology, especially the upper secret levels.

LeCron stated that if a person had objections or felt apprehensive about hypnosis that you need not tell the person that you are trying to hypnotize them, you can, instead “tell them a story” to give them “an excuse” to imagine something that is moving that is not really there.

Now, because the apparency of motion is relative it does not matter if the object being imagined is moving – now, pay close attention to this, this is important:

Or if the person is moving through the scene. It also does not matter whether the person is moving physically through the scene or is moving through the time of the scene!!

What is achieved are some of the deepest states of hypnosis. The deeper the state, the more suggestible the subject becomes, the more relaxed and willing to take what is stated just after this state is created to be true!

Hubbard made a big deal about “End Phenomena” and “Floating Needles” – the latter refers to the motion of their E-meter device.  The “F/N” is actually an indicator that a hypnotic state has been achieved. The evidence about that is on another page of this blog, HERE.

One can reduce the literal acceptance of suggestions received while in this state by noting the times in your past when you were tricked this way. What is considered good writing does this,  but it does this for entertainment. it is the reduction of pain and unwanted physical sensations associated with hypnosis that makes reading more pleasurable..

However, if this method is used by a master manipulator it becomes dangerous.


One man in particular,  who worked closely with Hubbard in the beginning was a black electronics whiz named Volney Matheson. He called out Hubbard in one his later writings which you may be interested in reading now. LINK

I will end this short page now as this material deserves a few days of contemplation to receive the most benefit from the understanding you have just gained.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps some of you recover from ANY past covert hypnotic abuse by the one time master stage hypnotist named L. Ron Hubbard and/or those who then, afterwards,  expertly  “duplicate source”.

Arnie Lerma Exposing the CON since 1993
I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than to live fearing to speake

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7 comments on “One Method of Covert Hypnosis

  1. Arnie Lerma says:

    Combined with repetition which I have not discussed in depth yet, absolutely.

    Another factor is the psychiatric method that Hubbard butchered to call Dianetics is called abreactive therapy. That word abreactive was coined from the words abnormal reaction therapy.

    In Abreactive Therapy, described by Dr William Sargant in his book Battle for the Mind, he states that it was too difficult to train people to do it well and was not that effective… he also notes that in abreactive therapy, if a person could not approach the traumatic incident they were asked to IMAGINE an incident…. but Hubbard got us to do the same thing, essentially, only he told us all that stuff was REAL… (Space opera, pre-natals etc)

    Dr Mosel who was when he retired from George Washington university, the head of a psychology department, was Hubbard’s professor when Hubbard attended a few classes. He called me a year or so before he passed away, and why did he call me? because of all the media in the Washington post etc regarding the 1995 raid.

    He had an interesting message, he asked me if I would like to know where Hubbard stole his ideas for Dianetics, i said of course, he said Hubbard encountered a ‘visiting clinician’ who was passing around a paper he was writing, to get opinions from recovering veterans at military hospitals. I was able to determine that Dr William Sargant, the head of psychiatry in the Uk was in fact a visiting professor at a college close to Norfolk and Hampton Roads Virginia Naval Hospitals (among others) and that Dr Sargant described himself as a “clinician”.

    So I got a copy of Battle for the Mind and read it and you really should read it. Every ex member who has realizes that Hubbard stole most of Dianetics from William Sargants paper, as Dianetics resembles the first half of Dr Sargants 1955 publication of his book, “Battle for the Mind”, the portion he wrote during WWII.

    Of course Hubbard turned many of Dr Sargant’s topics upside down in context. There is more about Dr Mosel in my book which I hope to finish soon, but I started posting these materials in the blog because people need to know this to recover fully.

    This may be the real reason Hubbard demonized psychiatrists and why scientology and their online clones demonizes this writer to this day, because they never wanted to take a chance on you finding out

    a) that Dianetics is NOTHING but perverted psychiatric methodology that was discarded years ago and that

    b) Hubbard copied a Psychiatrist’s paper…..

    Arnie Lerma

    Hope this helps, in my deprogramming room on facebook you can read another ex members thoughts after taking my advice and actually reading Battle for the Mind.

  2. O.B.Server says:

    Imagine you are on a moving ___, ___s are streaming by…


    I wonder if audio effects (flange, specifically) induce something similar?

    The “flange” effect – simulated multi-path return – can make sounds sound like they are moving relative to the listener. Sort of like the sound of a jet plane taking off, flange.

    Think of all the pop music where you hear flange (ELO, etc etc). Maybe the music is “moving you” – in more ways than one.

    So, if I make my own flange effects (anyone can) and listen to that, and then I feel like I am in a moving car … is that auto-hypnosis?

    OK, OK, maybe that is just self-flange-lation.

    • Arnie Lerma says:

      I believe they do, good point, had not thought about that in a while, thanks for reminding me.
      Hypnosis and trance are not evil and humans derive considerable please from them, but in the hands of psychopath they literally can kill.

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