A Lesson in IMPLICATION: I believe that Hubbard stole elements of the “Tone Scale” idea from the creator of the E-meter, Volney Mathison’s Tone Arm Scale


Pardon split image…


but made two insidious changes:
1) He stated that women’s ‘normal’ Tone Arm reading was 2.0 and that men were normal at 3.0 – Volney made no distinction in his scale, saying the 2.0 was associated with “Average-Normal” and 3.0 was “Sitting on top of the world” Why would Hubbard change this except as a means to make women subservient to men? To induce them to accept being average normal while men were sitting on top of them?

Volney determined that 2.0 was not a good place for your tone arm to be, he said it indicated suppression of the person. It was HUBBARD who said Males read at 3.0 and FEMALES read at 2.0 – WHY? Perhaps because he wanted women to “grovel at his feet”. Volney made NO SUCH DISTINCTION! and in his admissions Hubbard SAID about women:

“You are master of their bodies, master of their souls as you may consciously wish. You have no karma to pay for these acts. You cannot now accumulate karma for you are a master adept. Your voice is low and compelling to them. Singing to them, for you sing like a master, destroys their will to resist.”

from The admissions

In the Book of E-meter Drills (i believe it was here) there is a note by Hubbard stating that the MEN read 3.0 on the TA knob of the E-meter and that WOMEN read at 2.0 on the TA knob as normal…

Sounds like he was trying to induce women to be subservient…

2) He inserted the psychopath, the Hannibal Lechter type of person with no conscience, smack dab in the middle of otherwise normal and part-of-life human emotional reactions, to DEMONIZE THEM by mere association. This was Hubbard’s 1.1 “covert hostility” level, the “tone” position of the dreaded SP, Supressive Person… The biggest boogie-man, or frightening totem in $cientology.

Volney made NO REFERENCES to 1.1, this “tone level” is actually the characteristic of a sociopath, a computing psychotic. Hubbard INSERTED that into the middle of the scale of normal human emotion, to DEMONIZE HUMAN EMOTIONS so that the only relief you might get was by being audited at your expense and Hubbard’s gain .

Placing 1.1 along side of normal human emotions, demonizes manifesting them by IMPLICATION.

Oxford Dictionary:
“1 The conclusion that can be drawn from something although it is not explicitly stated: ”


While watching Maris Sigmond’s interview by friend Bert Leahy

Marisa was describing how tedious and repetitive scientology’s “Study Tech” called “word clearing” was. Well, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The stress and repetitive nature of looking up words to make what Hubbard’s said make sense, implies that what he is saying is true. Each time you look up a word you are being told that if what he says makes no sense and / or you don’t understand what he saying it is because you do not understand the words. While the methods of rhetoric and composition used to teach children how to use a dictionary used to be taught in grammar school, (see this directory on Lermanet for the actual sources) it is no longer taught. The fact of repetition alone makes what Hubbard said “true” as well as as providing an auto-suggestion that what he said is true by implication. using the “prestige suggestion” and “Authority” of a dictionary, the bigger, the better and more “authoritative”!!

Looking up words was just a shore story to cause you to use repetitive self-suggestion by IMPLICATION using the Authority and Prestige of the Dictionary to make the rubbish Hubbard was saying be true for you!


Become familiar with the word “implication” this was a METHOD used by Hubbard as well as by ALL COVERT EFFORTS TO CONTROL WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE TRUE.

Dr George Estabrooks, the father of militarized hypnosis as a weapon of subjugation, stated that mental manipulation of what people consider to be true would continue until one becomes familiar with the methods being used upon you.

Note: In a work by Hubbard’s son titled 1/10th of 1 percent of Scientology:

“The basic and major tenet of the Magick is: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. Now, of course, I give you here the exact quote of the many my father was quoting. HE always put his own twist and turn to it to make LRH the Source. LRH the Creator.”

The Reverse Blockade posted previously is one other METHOD. More will be revealed in this series. Thank you for reading.

Arnie Lerma
Lermanet.com Exposing the CON since 1993

“I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speake”
“The Internet is the Liberty Tree”


11 comments on “A LESSON in IMPLICATION by L Ron Hubbard

  1. genetru says:

    “Sounds like he was trying to induce women to be subservient…”

    Correct. You can see it in the Babylonian sex rituals he did with Parsons. They were trying to use it to empower themselves at the expense of the feminine whereas when done right the original intent in Goddess-lead Babylon was to empower the woman: manifest the Goddess in her and make the ~man~ subservient. Which of course Hubbard would never want, being a dominator/enslaver himself.

  2. How about his “Thank You For Listening” solo on the Power of Source album. Was that supposed to be seductive? LOL.

  3. Arnie Lerma says:

    WORD CLEARING: The extreme stress on the “words” is itself a “Shore story” , it is a covert use of REPETITION – where each REPETITION creates the IMPLICATION (and covert suggestion to your subconscious after stopping your thinking!) that what you are studying is in fact truth, real, etc. of course the opposite is the truth. (Thank you to Marisa, this insight was ‘seen’ while watching her video.)

    “The use of the demo-kit conditions the user to become adept at assigning meaning to bits of rubbish. This in fact would be helpful to the study of $cientology.”

  4. agartha1952 says:

    Excellent, Arnie. As time has passed – and I know this may rankle some – I am less angry. Hubbard and my time with a psychopath have left me with much greater awareness than I would have experienced otherwise. I used to be a very New Agey type with a neivete…and with the passage of years, kindness has returned, but I can now let people go when they assault my being…..although, it is still a learning process.

    It would not surprise me one iota that Hubbard stole this and MUCH MUCH more. That is no doubt why there is value in his original


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