The DEATHS of the Founders of the Anti-CULT Movement in America

“Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it.” –H.L. Mencken

“When you have a low-probability event that happens twice, in other words, the likelihood of coincidence becomes infinitesimal.”   Attorney James Rickards

February 14, 2015 at 9:41am

From the It’s Worse than you think Department at
The DEATHS of the Founders of the American Anti-Cult Movement, The Citizens Freedom Foundation, or CFF

Curt and Henrietta Crampton, were friends with Paulette Cooper, See 1982 Daily Breeze Newspaper Article

“Curt and Henrietta Crampton, Activists, Founded the CFF Citizens Freedom Foundation, (Later this became CAN) they were targeted by scientology. They were picketed and they were sued…

Both died of stomach cancer. The odds of this occurring naturally is 1 in 5000 TIMES 1 in 5000 or one in TWENTY-FIVE million. However if some tasteless and odorless white asbestos powder were added to their table salt or bag of sugar, it would become statistically probable, and Scientologist Attorney Earle C Cooley would have known this,(note below) as he defended lawsuits against Manville Asbestos corporation for illness and death caused by exposure to their products before he represented $cientology”

Note: In 1995, During RTC vs Lerma,the lawsuit about XENU, during a long day of deposition by Earle C. Cooley, the lawyers took a break. I overheard Cooley over in the corner bragging about how he used to represent Johns Manville Asbestos Company as defense counsel.. A decade later, Ida Camburn informed me via telephone how Curt and Henrietta died… and then that prior moment of hubris by Mr. Cooley flashed in my mind. Additionally the ‘Fat Man’  mentioned in the Lisa McPherson case as Bob Minton’s “money man” in Geneva, explained to me something that Homicide detectives use, called MMO. He said that before opening a homicide case, detectives demand that they have a reasonable basis to do so called MMO which stands for

METHOD How it was done..
MOTIVE did the suspect have a motive for wanting them dead?
OPPORTUNITY Did the suspect have the opportunity?

In a tape by Ex-member and top technical person in $cientology, Mr. David Mayo, he described Mary Sue Hubbard bragging about how scientology averaged a break in per day.
And at the LMT they had a video of OSA trying their front door while they were away, to see if it was open, to do a walk in. There are many instances of such style of activity… A little research on the net found that white powdered asbestos is tasteless and odorless, added to salt or sugar it is undetectible unless you test specifically for asbestos…..and it causes stomach cancer very quickly if ingested over sufficient time.

So, how  two people might both get stomach cancer within a year of each other who were otherwise unrelated genetically is no longer statistically improbable, but likely if both ate from, for example, the same bag of sugar…laced with white asbestos powder.

And that braggart lawyer Earle C Cooley told me how they did during an instance of bravado, in a deposition break in RTC vs Lerma!!

Arnie Lerma

Note: Cite from NIH “The possibility of glandular stomach cancer being induced was studied in 75 random bred white rats exposed to chrysotile asbestos. A perforated polyethylene capsule containing 100 mg asbestos and filler (beef fat and natural wax mixture 1:1) was introduced in an artificial bag placed on the greater curvature of the stomach. A capsule containing filler only was introduced in a similar way in 40 control rats. In the following 25 months, 18 tumors of the stomach and abdominal cavity were found in the rats treated with asbestos (eight adenomas, two adenocarcinomas, one carcinosarcoma, one forestomach cancer, one intestinal adenocarcinoma, two peritoneal mesotheliomas, and three abdominal lymphoreticulosarcomas.) Among the control rats no such tumors were found. ”

ESMB thread here:

“When you have a low-probability event that happens twice, in other words, the likelihood of coincidence becomes infinitesimal.”   Attorney James Rickards


Question WHO protects them?

Answer: The Lawyers

The lawyers… Earl Cooley died in 2009
“A much-abbreviated list of Earle Cooley’s law clients might read like this: Boston University, the Celtics, and the Church of Scientology, along with divorce cases, patent infringement challenges for Fortune 500 companies, and criminal defendants who included those accused of drug dealing or murder.”
And now they have Elliot Abelson, ex LA County DA who quit in 1971 to defend mob pornographers for the big money and later $cientology See!topic/alt.religion.scientology/ukMrdHanKNA

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