Deprogramming Tips that *I* must read every few weeks….

“Reverse Blockade: emphatically insisting upon something which is the opposite of the truth blocks the average person’s mind from perceiving the truth. In accordance with the dictates of healthy common sense, he starts searching for meaning in the “golden mean” between truth and its opposite, winding up with some satisfactory counterfeit. People who think like this do not realize that this effect is precisely the intent of the person who subjects them to this method. ” age 104, Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Only small crimes need secrecy, the big ones are best concealed by public incredulity


Everything I had hoped to ‘gain’ from joining scientology and sea org, I believe I have gained, and would not have otherwise without walking into that trap..

 Being the only ex I know of, sued by scientology, who was offered a large pot of cash for silence and sealing the XENU case,   who refused the cash… and being the last person that THEY sued (I’m not counting countersuits, if somebody sues them) AND having been OUT since 78, AND having spent decades reverse engineering how the trick is done… and decades practicing thousands of hours of the same meditation techniques used by the military at Ft Meade for remote viewing.. which I used to learn where to look in the physical..
I now see that most, Americans, especially, are in just as deep an invoked trance, and the resulting induced delusions, as John Travolta and Tom Cruise are in to believe XENU and the space cooties IS REAL(note1).
I have noted that the deprogramming methods I successfully used on those that believed in engrams, work as well on believers of the American Dream… because the METHODS used to induce false beliefs are the same, only the shore story and stage set differ from our experience in the cult.
I’m so frustrated to see OPERATION FREAK OUT, being run on Trump. And all the same tactics that were used to make Bob Minton withdraw  being used on Trump.
And those that can’t see these things call me a kook to protect their own miserable level of self esteem?? Meanwhile I suffer from impatience that things that took me decades to grasp are not instantly understood and propagated when I try to explain them….
Only small crimes need secrecy the big ones are protected by incredulity.
What I learned? start here and work your way through my blog pages.. get others to read them, enjoy the benefit from nearly 40 years of reverse engineering the biggest cult in the world.
Political overviews here:


“In their paper, “Construct Validity of Psychopathy in a Community Sample… Salekin, Trobst, and Krioukova write “Psychopathy as originally conceived by Cleckley (1941) is not limited to engagement in illegal activities, but rather encompasses such personality characteristics as manipulativeness, insincerity, egocentricity , and lack of guilt – characteristics clearly present in criminals but also in spouses, parents, bosses, attorneys and politicians, and CEOs, to name but a few. (bursten. 1973; Stewart, 1991)…As such. psychopathy may be characterized…as involving a tendency towards dominance and coldness. Wiggens (1995) in summarizing numerous previous findings..indicates such persons are prone to anger and irritation and are willing to exploit others. They are arrogant, manipulative, cynical, exhibitionistic, sensation-seeking, Machiavellian, vindictive and out for their own gain. With respect to their patterns of social exchange (Foa & Foa, 1974), they attribute love and status to themselves, seeing themselves as highly worthy and important, but prescribe neither love nor status to others, seeing them as unworthy and insignificant. ” Page 89, Political Ponerology, footnote see

===”Anything said to a hypnotized subject is true for them”  said hypnotist and advisor to OSS/CIA Mr. George Estabrooks in 1943

Compare the above to L. Ron Hubbard “What is true for you is true for you”


Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
Robert A. Heinlein


‘The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.’


Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day. – Thomas Jefferson

Secrets are the mortar
binding lies as bricks together
into prisons for the mind

Those that think own us
want us at each other’s throats
instead of united at theirs.


“But the moment eloquence or the language of debate enters, true reasoning becomes impossible. For the purpose of the debater is not to find the truth but to win the argument, and to this end he will often stray as far as possible from the real issues”

“Eloquence and debate are designed, not to decide issues, but to sway people, for this reason they lean heavily on appeals to emotion and prejudice, and make use of neat, clever, and sometimes humorous turns of phrase rather than profound analysis of ideas”

“Of all this Confucious was contemptuous”

Confucious by H. G. Creel 1913, Chapter “The Teacher”
Longer version on Quora
Quora: Are we really on the brink of WWIII?

ADDING some related links to save them in a handy place, and for those who find the data above of value:
For those who have learned that truth is always stranger than fiction, here are a couple of links to events that I felt were worth describing..
1)  < note the link at the end of my firsts section,   to "why Bob Minton decided to write his first check to the cause" This was deleted and moved from public view in the Ex-Scientology Message Board. A longer and slightly more detailed edit is webbed on HERE

2) Google LERMANET PAPERCLIP for an  RTF file (doc) with images of Ike, Dullus and Dr Carroll, and short description of interview with the head of OPERATION PAPERCLIP’s son… (NOT ON WIKI..) This doc was cited by Jim Willie PhD’s Hat Trick financial Newsletter two months ago.

3) A messy lesson in mental manipulation, based on recent events about some of mind control’s rhetorical methods to manipulate what you and I believe to be true – mostly for ex-members of that discussion board..

4) Introduction to Covert Hypnosis – another messy page that looks like my desk containing material they do not want you to know. Who is “they” you might ask? – then you are on the wrong blog…

5) Some deprogramming information on Quora that is not scientology specific.

6) See my Quora Scientology Answers HERE

7) Great Quotes on LIBERTY

I’d prefer to die speaking my mind than to live fearing to speake
Arnie Lerma

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4 comments on “Deprogramming Tips that *I* must read every few weeks….

  1. […] Note well that the word Hubbard chose for  scientology, the word ‘scientology’ itself contains the word “science”. This is a use of implication.  Implication  a method to covertly insert a suggestion into your subconscious. The only ‘science’ in scientology, is the science of advanced psychological techniques to control what a man believes to be true.  These are the METHODS of controlling what a person believes to be true that Dr Robert oppenhiemer tried to warn us about back in 1952. Methods that stated made the challenges faced by the developers of the Atomic bomb seem trivial. And he used the word trivial. Implication is but ONE of those techniques. Repetition is another and so are LIES. […]

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