Without truth

Without truth you have nothing, nothing real, only delusions.

“DEPROGRAMMING” is the art of re-awakening a once thinking spirit.

Any act, image, words or event that successfully stops thinking, renders that person into a more suggestible state. Whatever is said immediately after thinking has been stopped, becomes a direct suggestion into that person’s subconscious.

When thinking has been stopped, the door to the subconscious is left unguarded.

The same METHODS used to awaken a cult victim, are the METHODS used to wake members of a truth-controlled totalitarian society such as “Western society” in general, because the METHODS are the same, only the shore story and stage props are different.


However, it is a true and an American Indian saying that

“You cannot wake a man who is pretending to be asleep”

READ https://www.facebook.com/groups/deprogramming/ for more like this. This discussion group on Facebook is where I get second opinions and learn how to explain these difficult concepts in a manner that anyone might understand them who is willing to actually do some reading.
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One comment on “Without truth

  1. Arnie Lerma says:

    “Plato feared the power of entertainment, the power of the senses to overthrow the mind, the power of emotion to obliterate reason. No admirer of popular democracy, Plato said that the enlightened or elite had a duty to educate those bewitched by the shadows on the cave wall, a position that led Socrates to quip: “As for the man who tried to free them and lead them upward, if they could somehow lay their hands on him and kill him, they wopuld do so.”
    Chris Hedges, “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle”

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